A toi – Joe Dassin

A toi
A la façon que tu as d’être belle
A la façon que tu as d’être à moi
A tes mots tendres un peu artificiels
A toi
A la petite fille que tu étais
A celle que tu es encore souvent
A ton passé, à tes secrets
A tes anciens princes charmants

A la vie, à l’amour
A nos nuits, à nos jours
A l’éternel retour de la chance
A l’enfant qui viendra
Qui nous ressemblera
Qui sera à la fois toi et moi

A moi
A la folie dont tu es la raison
A mes colères sans savoir pourquoi
A mes silences et à mes trahisons
A moi
Au temps que j’ai passé à te chercher
Aux qualités dont tu te moques bien
Aux défauts que je t’ai cachés
A mes idées de baladin

A nous
Aux souvenirs que nous allons nous faire
A l’avenir et au présent surtout
A la santé de cette vieille Terre
Qui s’en fout

A nous
A nos espoirs et à nos illusions
A notre prochain premier rendez-vous
A la santé de ces millions d’amoureux
Qui sont comme nous


Away from the celestial reckoning

The Bridges of Madison County…
What an emotional novel!

I was very touched to see the movie (thanks to MH), and I am now kinda blown away after reading the novel (thanks to MS). It is just so beautiful!


Eventually he began to see that light was what he photographed, not objects. The objects merely were the vehicles for reflecting the light. If the light was good, you could always find something to photograph. p.16

that’s an interesting thought about photography, I like it.

It’s clear to me now that I have been moving toward you and you toward me for a long time. Though neither of us was aware of the other before we met, there was a kind of mindless certainty bumming blithely along beneath our ignorance that ensured we would come together. Like two solitary birds flying the great prairies by celestial reckoning, all of these years and lifetimes we have been moving toward one another. p. 21

I can’t add anything to that…. I simply can not…

Why was not important. That was not the way he approached his life. “Analysis destroys wholes. Some things, magic things, are meant to stay whole. If you look at their pieces, they go away.” That’s what he had said. p.30


“I don’t just take things as given; I try to make them into something that reflects my personal consciousness, my spirit. I try to find the poetry in the image. p.36

Another interesting reflection on photography…

She was relieved. But she sank in disappointment. She turned around inside of herself. Yes, please leave. Have some more brandy. Stay. Go. Faron Young didn’t care about her feelings. Neither did the moth above the sink. p.44


The night went on, and the great spiral dance continued. Robert Kincaid discarded all sense of anything linear and moved to a part of himself that dealt only with shape and sound and shadow. Down the paths of the old ways he went, finding his direction by candles of sunlit frost melting upon the grass of summer and the red leaves of autumn. p.66


God or the universe or whatever one chooses to label the great systems of balance and order does not recognize Earth-time. To the universe, four days is no different than four billion light years. I try to keep that in mind. p.83

about time…

“Come travel with me, Francesca. That’s not a problem. We’ll make love in desert sand and drink brandy on balconies in Mombasa, watching dhows from Arabia run up their sails in the first wind of morning. I’ll show you lion country and an old French city on the Bay of Bengal where there’s a wonderful rooftop restaurant, and trains that climb through mountain passes and little inns run by Basques high in the Pyrenees. In a tiger preserve in south India, there’s a special place on an island in the middle of a huge lake. If you don’t like the road, I’ll set up shop somewhere and shoot local stuff or portraits or whatever it takes to keep us going.” p.69

🙂 🙂 🙂

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on words and images

He liked words and images. “Blue” was one of his favorite words. He liked the feeling it made on his lips and tongue when he said it. Words have physical feeling, not just meaning, he remembered thinking when he was young. He liked other words, such as “distant,” “woodsmoke,” “highway,” “ancient,” “passage,” “voyageur,” and “India” for how they sounded, how they tasted, and what they conjured up in his mind.

The Bridges of Madison County – p. 14

Thanks to MS I got hold of the novel 🙂 Thank you thank you thank you 🙂

(I know I know it’s a sad story, but it is just so real, and so emotional I couldn’t help bu loving it from the very first chapter.)

Back to Blue…

I love Blue. I love its smoothness and its calming effect. If I lived in a one colourd universe, I think I’d choose Blue to be the one. I also love the sound of it. B L U E. or in french, B L E U. The E and the U sounds amazing together. Very soft.
And for me all the shades of blue is just blue. What’s with Azraq Samawi, Azraq ghamek, Labani,,,, for me they are all AZRAQ. The only exception of a shade of blue that has a special place in my heart is the deep blue that you would find in the ocean. It’s just mesmerizing!


The guy was talking about words and meanings and I turned my thoughts to Blue bas!!

Do words have a physical feeling?

Of course!

Definitely the feeling of the word is related to its actual meaning, but sometimes u love the word for its feeling even if u don’t know its meaning. I face this in arabic. Let’s take the descriptions of love as an example. حب. هوى. عشق. شغف. ألفة. … Each one of these has a specific meaning, and I may not know them all, but I prefer هوى on شغف , and I don’t know why 🙂

P.S. check out this passage from the Map Of Love by Ahdaf Soueif, from  jessyz’s old stuff 🙂  very memorable !

 “‘Hub’ is love, ‘ishq’ is love that entwines two people together, ’shaghaf’ is love that nests in the chambers of the heart, ‘hayam’ is love that wanders the earth, ‘teeh’ is love in which you loose yourself, ‘walah’ is love that carries sorrow with it, ’sababah’ is love that exudes from your pores, ‘hawa’ is love that shares its name with ‘air’ and ‘falling’, ‘gharam’ is love that is willing to pay the price.”

take 1


This photo was taken two weeks ago in the courtyard of Mohamed Ali’s mosque in the Citadel. I turned it into sepia 3ashan I love the “old” feeling of the scene. I tried to capture the shadows of the window as much as I can, but I think it would have been better if the sun entered from a different angle.


This was taken in el Refai mosque. No photoshop used. I don’t know why exactly they put this strong green lighting, and some ugly plastic flowers!

I can’t forget this woman who came to the mausoleum with arms wide open, then she KNELT in front of the doors!!! OMG!!! How can she do this!! I can’t imagine how foreigners will perceive this ! And I can’t imagine the values she transmit to her children if she was convinced with these ideas!


This one shows the amount of details put on the ceiling of el refai mosque. Even though this is not a favorite of mine, but I can’t deny that it has pretty interesting details.

bas keda…