Toddlers in Cairo: Sugar Spell

Last Friday I passed by Sugar Spell in Maadi with Gigo as I heard a lot about its activities. I was pleasantly surprised with the options available for kids in this 2 floors villa in old Maadi, but it was very crowded so we didn’t get to stay long.

+1 Pleasant garden
-1 Few playground-set
+1 Trampoline
-3 SHISHA!! (come on! how unsafe can this be for a cafe targeting families with kids!)
+3 Dress ups for birthdays, Xbox games, pottery colouring
+1 interesting food selections
-1 hectic and noisy for a toddler, might be more suitable for a 7 – 9 kids, I hope it might be better when it’s less crowded
+/- 1 wide selection of candies all over the place. I would imagine a kid grabbing whatever he can hold and his parents going after him paying all the things he opened

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