Not a Happy New Year

I can’t fully comprehend what has happened. People were praying and some brainwashed venomous worm stepped forward and turned prayers into moans.

At the same moment people were having fun in the warmth of family and friends, celebrating the start of a new year in our calendar, other people in my home country were crying, suffering and dying.
while SMS’s were flying all over the globe in celebrations, and phone operators facing an overload of happy calls, other families were receiving other calls, incomprehensible news about their loved ones. And then the mourning starts.

I wonder who is the responsible. Who thought about this plan, who put it together and who executed. Didn’t they think that they are going to inflict pain upon believers? Why would they choose people praying as their targets?
It is just so painful to even imagine….

I wanted to write happy thoughts here, review about a book I enjoyed, personal thoughts and happy events in my life, but how could I do that?

God, please help us, and help those in pain, and strengthen our fellow Christians, and punish those who caused this tragedy. Ameen.