About me

My journey started on the 17th of June in 1983, under the constellation of the airy gemini, and the year of water boar.

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  1. I came across your blog accidentally , and It was a nice surprise , You seem to be very organized and keep record of all the major culture events going around , I am also under the impression that You were living abroad and came to Egypt and a sudden twist of events , Mood and blog writing took place after that , Why I am not suprises? I guess because I live here and lived out there for a while as well but generally the Blog is great , Thank you for it and I will Keep coming back

  2. Tomas una lindas fotos. He guardado algunas en mi computadora. Que lindos lugares has visitado. Mis dos favoritas son “The colorful Hallway” and “Sultan Hassan”. Gracias tomas lindas fotos. Dalia Hernandez de Nicaragua.

  3. hi every one..i am not good in english..even though i understood what you are taking about …thanks for all contacts and i hope to be your friend……………..please if there is any answer send it to my

    ofcourse i will reply…….iam rushian
    i want to know about arab ……………………………iam waitting you

  4. please give me achance to know about your culture and religion. by the way i am female…………………………..

  5. Hi Agata Sara, and welcome to my blog, I hope that you’ll be able to see a different side of arabs here 🙂
    ahlan wa sahlan

  6. Hello,
    Well I found that you have entered my space ( circassian today) and gave a comment , if you want you can go to this http://adygea.ektob.com/ it’s in Arabic and there is many answers.
    About the land of the Circassians it is not only chekessk, there are other 3 republics ( Adygeya , kabardino balkaraya and Abkhazia) so the Circassians in the Caucasus are about 900.000 .
    In turkey there are 3 million Adyg ( Circassian) and in Jordan about 100.000 and in Syria about the same 100.000 .
    So if you need more informations please mail me at : pshidatok79@hotmail.com

  7. hey nousha can you help me pls? u seem like acultred lady i really want to apply for ajob in otv my dream is to be an announcer but i just don`t know how to start and get their?can you help me with this?you must have met somthing like that in your life b4,help me pls my mail is

  8. Thanks Mohamed Kachli for dropping by 🙂

    Dear Nawriz, I am so happy that you have contacted me! I will definitely seek ur advice in many questions I have about Adygeya. Thanks.

    Hey Norah, if I heard anything, I will definitely let u know. 🙂

  9. Actually I don’t like the personal web sites; but I found yours is so elegant reflecting a generous mind ability.
    i found it during my search for lyrics of “I was 20” for Mohamed Mounir the king. Thanks for it 🙂
    Anyway I am sure that this web site u can be proud of it

  10. Thanks Tamer for dropping by and I am happy that u found what u were looking for, btw i copied the english translation of the song, check it out, it is interesting

  11. nousha , i got your message about your grand father book , that made go into your blog which is quite intersting and elgant , u should be proud of the way you have devloped it , i wish i have time to do the same , any way i will be intersted in getting that book of your grand father

  12. NOUSHA no thing but thanks alot i like it here i wish you THE BEST
    %%i always loved ORION its the door step to hevens if you found THE ANKH the key , may you have all and more.

  13. Wahdy: ya ahlan ya ahlan 🙂

    Amr: thank you sooooooooooo much for ur comments on my posts, I really appreciate it

  14. اهلا نوسه
    انا اسف هاكتب بالعربى لانى بافضل الكتابة بيها
    البلوج بتاعك رائع وراقى جدا
    انا عرفته من صاحبى محمد منصور اخو هانى منصور بتاع بلوج شخابيط
    انا عندى مدونة تصوير برده يا ريت تشوفيها و باستمرار انا هاتابعك وانت تتابعينى
    وانا عايز اعمل لمدونتك لينك عندى وتعملى لمدونتى لينك عندك

    وليد شوقى

  15. Hey nousha i came acroos here i found an amaizing site actually,,,ur making a perfect combination of all events happening around us really …. plus i noticed that ur fond of arts in general …adab she3r books, cinema …tremendous work really keep it up but i need to know ur academic background or how the idea of the site popped up in ur head….oh ,,,there is another thing why not.. put some sa2yet el sawi’s discussions of seminars….thnx

  16. Thanks Laila for your sweet comment
    As for my academic background, I studied political sciences (cairo university).
    This is just my blog, actually I use it as some sort of scrape book, I put anything that drew my attention so i may return to later on. It’s nice 🙂 You should try it.
    I will try to post more of el sawy events, someetimes I forget to check on their website.
    I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  17. hello everybody
    i came accross this site when i was looking for clothes for veiled girls :))
    and actuallly i wanna know more about it,,,i cant quite understand what is it about,,
    who made this site??
    i cant figure out anything
    i even dont know if this msg gonna be posted or not coz i’m not a memeber

  18. hello
    i dont know why did nobody replied to me??i dont like that kinda ignoring msgs,,, i was just asking a simple question!!!

  19. Dear Someone
    I am so sorry for not replying to ur comment earlier.
    Well this is my humble blog. I started it almost a year ago. It is more of a scrape book, I just put here things that interest me, or things that I want to remember, this is not a forum, or a group. I am an ordinary girl living in the hectic Cairo 🙂

  20. so thats it :))
    thanks 4 ur reply,, i liked ur site,, coz i used to do stuff like that with my friends in school… but not as a site,,,but as a usual scrap book
    keep up the good work
    and well done girl

  21. hello

    I’ve seen your site while searching how i can practice aikido this hollidays

    i’m going to Cairo from 22/12/07 to 9/1/08 and i would like to practice aikido, every day if possible.

    Could you please give me the adress of dojos where i can practice, if it’s possible, on my private mail. I’am from France and I have a passeport and a federal insurance from the FFAB.

    thak you very much and congratulations for your blog


  22. me again

    in fact, i have seen on your site that there are some dojos

    El seid club
    maadi club
    wadi degla club

    but they are all “clubs” and i am just going for 3 weeks in Cairo. Do you know if these clubs would accept me if i’m not a member ?
    And i cannot see mail adresses of these club. The question is will i take my keikogi for nothing ?

    Thank you very much for helping

  23. Hi there stranger,

    I stumbled upon your blog while I was googling a certain patisserie in Egypt.

    Anyhow, I read a few of your words and I honestly am amazed with your use of words, particularly your command of the English language.

    You mentioned you went thru sanaweya 3ama and don’t get me wrong, but realistically, how many other students speak or even think like you?

    You talk about Cavafi… and even mentioned Patrick Bruel’s song about Delices in Tunis (for a second, I thought it was the Delices in Alex, until I actually heard the whole song). You speak quite a few languages and play some interesting sports (I’ll even let tai chi be one of them). I am amazed!

    In all my years in Alexandria, I have never met anyone as educated as you. I guess the water tastes different in Cairo.

    I just wanted to say….. you are one impressive person. I really do wish you all the best. You are truly a gem. Good luck on your plans for 2008 and thanks for sharing your ummm.. “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…”

    Keep up the great work. I’ll be checking your blog every once in a while.


  24. Hi Nousha, I’, Alia from PTP :))
    I was browsing for info about “Zar” music for Feb.’s article when I stumbled upon your blog:) What are the odds !!!
    Anyway, great job girl, keep it up 🙂

  25. 1/4 Gram: Based on a true story

    Relying on events from real life, the narrator of the novel, Salah, tells the story of a group of friends who try a 1/4 gram for the first time during a party on New Year’s Eve. And the question is: What did the 1/4 gram do to this group of friends for 10 years and more?

    There are around 6 million drug addicts in Egypt. We hope this novel can carry the message to these millions and their families, to warn others from slipping to addiction.

    The movie 1/4 Gram will be based on the book, it is currently in the pre-production stage.

    I’d like to invite you to join the group.

    Hope to hear from you soon

  26. Hi Nousha

    I just posted details about a novel that will be out very soon in bookstores in Egypt.

    I think your blog is very interesting. I thought you’d be interested in joining the group on facebook.

    Keep it up:-)

  27. Salams Nousha

    Just like many others here, I stumbled upon your blog while searching for… I don’t remember, I really got lost in the interesting insights of literature and life in Cairo.

    You are definitely an educated person, and unlike many of us here in Egypt, you still have enough sense to enjoy life and watch it with the eye of an artist. And you still love Egypt like I do. Please keep me in for any future project you might have. I wish to know more about you but I respect the space on must keep on the net.

    Wish you all the best,

  28. dear nousha,

    just by luck, during my search for the lyrics of patrick bruel’s song

    i found ur blog.

    after getting my target and being ready to leave, the sentence that u wrote about if a foreigner would sing something similar to egypt made me notice that u r an egyptian.

    and i started to dive in a very weired blog,exploring with a huge amount of surprise a very cultured, active and interesting egyptian person.

    thnx for the pleasure that u gave it to me by finding the lyrics firstly, and by finding such a blog prevented me from having my lunch until 11:45 pm 🙂

    go on dear nousha, and if u have any activities or groups on facebook, i will be honoured if u guided to me to join it.



  29. Hello !

    I liked what you wrote about Cherkess egyptians.
    My family is from cherkessia and what i know that they came and setteled in sharqia as warriors to defend the eastern borders(al hodoud al Sharqia)…that was in something like 1780-1810
    Then under mohamed ali rule…some members of the family were sent to France for the Medicine school…

    Anyone who lives in Egypt looses most of his traditions and become egyptian…neutrilasation is really easy due to many factors.

    Cleopatra was a 3rd generation greek living in Egypt….she was not greek anymore…she became total egyptian.

  30. Hello Nousha

    I’ve got through your blog while reading at Hatshepsut blog and found a reply made by you about your dream about flying (http://arabist.net/hatshepsut/?p=96)

    I tried to find any email or link to contact you through however I failed

    anyway I am interested in having a chat with you about flying activity in Egypt that’s in case you are still interested

    Hope your dream about flying will be real soon


    Ahmed Hassan

  31. mine started on the 23rd of July in 1987, under the constellation of the fiery Leo, and the year of fire cat [in China and Japan, it’s *rabbit*, but we Vietnamese use *cat*]

    nice to meet you! :]

  32. was checking out beba’s song and whereabouts in se3eed as all my thoughts revolve around el se3eed now so destiny brought me here and i fell in love :)especially most of the songs here are my favorites

  33. hey, just stumbled across your blog, reading it, this has to be you, i know we had our past, lets leave it there. I often think about you and wonder how you are, we were great friends, confided in each other and its something i lost that i know i can’t get back. But does it have to be this way. Call me 5193211409

    I miss you dearly.


  34. Hi Nousha,
    Came across your blog while was researching about the Cherkessians in Egypt, and got really curious. I am circassian myself and live in London, was always curious about today circassians in Egypt: if they have any connections left with their origin. Not a lot of info about them, since they strongly assimilated into the Egyptian society 🙂 Are you a Egyptian Cherkess yourself and if yes, where can I find any info on the way cherkess people live in Egypt today.

    Thank you 🙂

  35. I’m a graduate student at AUC. I’m conducting a research on women’s empowerment through blogging through an online and anonymous survey. Would you please email me your email address?

  36. Hello Nihal , I came accross a post by you on a book your grandfather has written: “Conversing with the past”. I was wondering about how I can I obtain a copy. I am currently researching about Kafily Sibai (who is our family’s great-grandfather). I’d highly appreciate your help. Thank you! – Somaiya Sibai

  37. Helolo there! This is my first visit to your blog!
    We are a collection of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in the same niche.
    Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on.
    You habe done a marvellous job!

  38. hello nousha,my name is mohammed from alexandria i came across your blog when i was searching for carrcasian in egypt , are you also !!

  39. Hello Nousha, I’m Greek born in Alex. I read the information on Finneyland and G-Rhoda and would much appreciate if you have any data on Alexandria Commercial which was based in Alexandria in the 50’s and or Josa Finney Harrold’s widow. The reason I’m interested is because my late father was Managing Alexandria Commercial when we left in 1960. Any information will be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

  40. Hi! I am a Circassian girl from Jordan. I am an Erasmus exchange student now in Turkey. I tried to ask about the meaning of my family name “Janbek” here because I was told it is Turkish, but with no use.
    I came across your post on Janbek. Interesting. Can we be distant relatives?
    I was once told Janbek means prince of soul in Turkish but nobody here is approving or disapproving with that. I also found I guy with the first name “Canberk”.. Pretty close.
    I don’t know why exactly am I writing this.. But I got excited when I read that post.
    P.s: I also have a handmade business called Kaleidoscope Handmade 🙂 wow.

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