She’s not just a pretty face

True or False?

  • A girl who knits doesn’t read.
  • Knowing how to cook should be the top priority on every bride-to-be list in order to get married.
  • A working woman won’t be able to balance her life.
  • A girl practicing martial arts is diminishing her feminine side.
  • Cover girl looks are what matters most for self esteem.

Fortunately I discovered that all of these statements are false.

I must admit that being an ignorant cook before getting married, practicing martial arts, wearing size 48, and many other things, made me feel self conscious from time to time. But thank God I am over that now.

I love my husband, am interested in building a nice career, I love to read and have recently rediscovered a fondness for knitting, discovered a cooking passion (after a handful of burnt rice pots), appreciate aikido and its beautiful techniques, try to have a balanced view regarding my looks, and do my best to fulfill my purpose in life.

This is by far a small contribution in Kolena Laila,  but these thoughts are what I consider important to me as a 26 year old woman 🙂

قديماً أهلك الله قوم نوح بكفرهم و أهلك قوم عاد بظلمهم و قوم صالح و شعيب بفسادهم و غشهم في الموازين و قوم لوط بشذوذهم الجنسي و نجد كل هذا يجتمع في عصرنا… و يبث في القنوات الفضائية و يعلنه أصحابه أمام الكاميرات و يتفاخرون به في المجالس.. و تظهر مجلات متخصصة في العرى و مجلات متخصصة في الجنس … و تتداول أقراص للنشوة و مخدرات لإطالة اللذة … و كل هذا يباع على الأرصفة

و الله من أسمائه أنه الصبور

مصطفى محمود – على حافة الانتحار