Mongol is a 2007 semi-historical film directed by Sergei Bodrov about Temüjin, the young Genghis Khan. The film was an international co-production between companies in Germany, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia. Shooting took place, for the most part, in the China, mainly in Inner Mongolia, and in Kazakhstan.

Mongols need laws.
I will make them obey…
…even if I have to kill half of them.
Our laws will be simple.
Don’t kill women or children.
Don’t forget your debts.
Fight enemies to the end.
And never betray your khan.

The movie is an epic story of the young Temüjin and how events in his early life lead him to become a legendary conqueror, starting from his choice of a bride when he was nine years old, his father death and the betrayal of the clan, his escape and the humiliation he endured before rising to power.

(spoiler alert)

The movie’s  cinematography is superb. The landscapes, the use of colours, the costumes are incredible. And the actors were surprisingly very well trained, in battle scenes and in emotional ones as well. The one thing that disappointed me is that the movie concentrated only on the hardships Genghis Khan faced, before becoming the Great Khan, but the crucial part of how he collected the men and united the Mongolian tribes was jumped for one final battle! Also the movie makers focused on a soft version of the ruthless Genghis Khan, by concentrating on his love story after years and years of separation.

حكايات مصرية جداً

صدر مؤخراً مجموعة قصص قصيرة عن الدار المصرية اللبنانية للكاتب هشام الخشن. أكثر ما يميز هذا الكتاب أنه يركز على نوع شخصية معين، موجود في المجتمع المصري، ثم يعرض قصته، ويتمها بمقولة مشهورة أو مثل غربي مترجم إلى العربية.

الفكرة لطيفة، ومسلية لحد كبير. بس من الواضح أن الكاتب ليس حرفي لأن تكرار نفس أسلوب عرض الشخصيات بدون أي تغيير كان شئ ملحوظ. ولكن أعجبتني فكرة الكتاب، وكيف يريد الكاتب عرض مجموعة من الشخصيات والعادات المصرية لابنه حتى يتعلم منها، سواء كانت عادة محمودة أو مذمومة.

حكايات مصرية جداً