Eskendrella night at Sawy

went to that concert on last wednesday (27th Dec). I definitely didn’t expect to see that much of people I know in one place. This was my second time to see Eskendrella, but my first to hear them singing.

They were amazing. I loved the songs they chose for Sayed Darwish, Sheikh Imam and Ziad Rahbani. I would definitely try to see them again and again.

Mattab Sena3i

(Ahmed Helmi, Nour)

Ahmed Helmy is just amazing with the kids. Very hilarious. I really enjoyed his jokes. Keep it up.

Nour was also very sweet. In contrast to her gothic look in el rahina, now she is back to the independent pretty girl,, so pinky (in a cute sense).

A nice movie. Akhiran a movie surprised me to be better than what I expected.


El Rahina

El Rahina: (Ahmed Ezz, Nour, Yasmine Abdel Aziz. Story by Dr. Nabil Farouk, directed by Sandra)

I am a big fan for all of Dr. Nabil’s series (starting from ragol el mostaheel, malaf el mostakbal, cocktail 2000,,,,) and my all time favorite is ZOOM, I am very sad it was stopped.

Anyway, the story is fine. The direction was good (but not as impressive as Malaki Eskendreya), the action scenes were very prolonged. The script is not very catchy, it tried to be witty, but sometimes lost it.

Nour was brilliant in her gothic attire. If you are a reader of ragol el mostaheel, u’ll definitely remember Sonia Graham. Nour is playing the cruel black haired beauty. She was very good.

Ahmed Ezz was definitely funny. His acting was improved that’s for sure, but he seemed to be way cooler than what ebn balad is supposed to be (especially the clothes). But I can say he started to move from depending on just being handsome.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz…. First of all she was supposed to be Mona, the sweet brave and sometimes helpless chick who ultimately falls in love with Adham Sabry. Unfortunately Yasmine tried to be laziza, but turned out to be very dalou3a, not in a cute sense… (won’t say more)

I kinda liked the movie, but expected it to be better 😦


Fi Mahatet Masr

Fi Mahatet Masr: (starring Karim Abdel Aziz, Menna Shalaby)

Did u see “A walk in the clouds” by Keanu Reeves, Anthony Hopkins Quinn (sorry for the confusion)? Where a salesman meets by chance the daughter of a stubborn father who has a farm. She asks him to pretend being her husband in order to face her family. Eventually they fall in love.

If you saw this movie, then you don’t need to spend 20 LE on a very bad imitation.

Karim Abdel Aziz: very funny,, bas dah mesh kefaya

Menna:,,, no comment,,

Script, camera, direction,,,, didn’t leave any impression on me L

Definitely go and see the ‘original’ film. It is a very nice one, especially the part showing the relationship between the daughter and her father, how things grow from the ashes. There is a scene I totally love, all of the farm wakes up in the middle of the night to fight a small fire in the bushes by wearing something like butterflies wings, it was so romantic!

About the Egyptian movie, after seeing the song I expected to see something related to mahetet masr. I am very disappointed…

Aflam el eid

It has been a long time since I last went to the cinemas… Now let’s see, what’s in the theaters these days:

  • Mattab Sena3i
  • el rahina
  • fi mahatet masr
  • ayazon
  • kessat el hai el sha3bi
  • kheiana mashrou3a

Now if we exclude Ayazon and kessat el hai el sha3bi (for obvious reasons), then I still have 4 movies that are ‘watcheable’. mmm let’s see…

Salut les amoureux – Joe Dassin

Another French song…. ma3lesh… what do I like about this song? For instance Joe Dassin has more famous songs (ex: l’ete indien and others), but this one describes a unique relationship, very real, actually it might have happened to many of my friends. There is always a very thin line between breaking up or trying to work out the differences, between giving a second chance and leaving for good….. This song talks about two people who were in love, but love started to lose its spark with the passage of days. They still have feelings for each other, but this is not enough to continue being together. They loved each other with the same way they broke up, without thinking about the next day, or the goodbye that sometimes can go very very well. And actually, both of them know that sooner or later they’d tell each other that there is a chance to recover this fairytale…. Anyway, they would still go out sometimes, and the cafe’s patron would greet them with “hello sweet hearts” (that’s why the song is called salut les amoureux).

Les matins se suivent et se ressemblent
Quand l’amour fait place au quotidien
On n’était pas fait pour vivre ensemble
Ça n’suffit pas de toujours s’aimer bien
C’est drôle, hier, on s’ennuyait
Et c’est à peine si l’on trouvait
Des mots pour se parler du mauvais temps
Et maintenant qu’il faut partir
On a cent mille choses à dire
Qui tiennent trop à cœur pour si peu de temps

On s’est aimé comme on se quitte
Tout simplement sans penser à demain
A demain qui vient toujours un peu trop vite
Aux adieux qui quelque fois se passent un peu trop bien

On fait c’qu’il faut, on tient nos rôles
On se regarde, on rit, on crâne un peu
On a toujours oublié quelque chose
C’est pas facile de se dire adieu
Et l’on sait trop bien que tôt ou tard
Demain peut-être ou même ce soir
On va se dire que tout n’est pas perdu
De ce roman inachevé, on va se faire un conte de fées
Mais on a passé l’âge, on n’y croirait plus

Allons petite il faut partir
Laisser ici nos souvenirs
On va descendre ensemble si tu veux
Et quand elle va nous voir passer
La patronne du café
Va encore nous dire “Salut les amoureux”

Golf & Life

Let me show u something. Even if you don’t know much about golf, look at the main ideas behind it…. Masalan the idea of going through the ball instead of just concentrating on hitting it bas, (the one I was just talking about)….I know this might sound weird…. but this is kinda like life, love and marriage…. Let’s assume the target is ‘happy life’, the commitment is the ball, and the power of swinging the golf club is love, and the point of hitting the ball (aka point of impact) is marriage.
Most people consider marriage as the decisive point in any relationship, but concentrating on only this will -most probably- deviate them from actually their final target (= happy life), but if we concentrated more on the feeling of the swing (= love), and considered the part where the club hits the ball (= marriage) as simply part of the process of getting there then we’d definitely have a better chance for reaching a happy life 🙂
see what i mean?

The Song we were singing

I really like this one, it is by Paul Mccartney, was released in one of his last albums (if not the latest) Flaming Pie in 1997. Enjoy:

For a while, we could sit, smoke a pipe,
And discuss all the vast intricacies of life
We could jaw through the night
Talk about a range of subjects, anything you like
Oh yeah

But we always came back to the song we were singing
At any particular time
Yeah, we always came back to the song we were singing
At any particular time.

Take a sip, see the world through a glass
And speculate about the cosmic solution
To the sound, blue guitars
caught up in a philosophical discussion
Oh yeah

But we always came back to the song we were singing
At any particular time
Yeah, we always came back to the song we were singing
At any particular time

I totally can imagine it. A group of friends chilling out in a terrace. Smoking a pipe (in an Egyptian society it will be of course shisha and having in their hands delicious cups of tea with green mint), the sun is slowly going down. They are having a light conversation about life, memoirs, the world,,, Bottom line, enjoying each other’s company. Sigh.

Golf practice updates

I have a problem that my practice swing is far better than my real swing in hitting the ball, I have also another problem that the ball’s trajectory is much higher than what is needed, that’s plus speed, direction,,,,, tons of stuff 😦

The good news is that last Saturday I made a small progress in applying the idea of “going through the ball instead of hitting it“. I loved it. I trusted my swing at last after so many disappointments. What a feeling.

Here are some tips I found and could understand what the author was talking about:

“One of the biggest mistakes most golfers make is not swinging to their intended target. Most golfers will tell you they are swinging to hit the ball when in reality your target is the fairway or the green. This is why when people make practice siwngs in most cases that swing is better than their actual real swing over the ball. The reason this occurs is because there is a ball in front of them and they make the ball the target. Once you lock eyes too long on the ball your mind starts grinding out too much information which can become detrimental because it can inhibit you from just reacting naturally.”

And Finally a nice tip for golf and life in general:”You must first believe you can make the shot and trust your instincts and abilities and then just pull the trigger. To play good solid golf you want to have a quiet mind. Because a mind overloaded with too many thoughts will create confusion and this inturn will not allow you to freely swing through the ball towards your target. “