More Quotes from the Fountainhead

“You mean you saw the things I’ve done, and you like them–you–yourself–alone–without anyone telling you that you should like them
or why you should like them–and you decided that you wanted me, for that reason–only for that reason–without knowing anything about me or giving a damn–only because of the things I’ve done and…and what you saw in them–only because of that, you decided to hire me, and you went to the bother of finding me and coming here, and being insulted–only because you saw–and what you saw made me important to you, made you want me? Is that what you mean?”
“Just that,” said Roark.

(Talking about a book he read) “it’s true that there’s no such thing as free will. We can’t help what we are or what we do. It’s not our fault. Nobody’s to blame for anything. It’s all in your background and…and your glands. If you’re good, that’s no achievement of yours–you were lucky in your glands. If you’re rotten, nobody should punish you–you were unlucky, that’s all.” He was saying it defiantly, with a violence inappropriate to a literary discussion. He was not looking at Toohey nor at Dominique, but speaking to the room and to what that room had witnessed.
“Substantially correct,” said Toohey. “To be logical, however, we should not think of punishment for those who are rotten. Since they suffered through no fault of their own, since they were unlucky and underendowed, they should deserve a compensation of some sort–more like a reward.”
“Why–yes!” cried Keating. “That’s…that’s logical.”
“And just,” said Toohey.

p. 372

Two sides of the opinions spectrum. One side expressing the need to find your own interpretations of things without considering what others think (i.e. Roark), and the other can not function without knowing what others think and transmit it back (i.e. Keating).

Quotes from Makram Ebeid

“نحن مسلمون وطناً ونصارى ديناً، اللهم اجعلنا نحن المسلمين لك، وللوطن انصارا.. اللهم اجعلنا نحن نصارى لك، وللوطن مسلمين”

“أفرحوا لا لشهوة نلتموها بل لشهوة أذللتموها”

إن مصر ليس وطناً نعيش فيه بل وطناً يعيش فينا”