Zagreb art tours: Meštrović gallery

There are a couple of highlights for art enthusiasts when visiting Zagreb, and the gallery of Ivan Meštrović should be on top of that list. 

Parking in Tuškanac, I brought along my little one tucked in his stroller to the hills of Gornj Grad. As usual the warm terrace of Didov San restaurant was tempting but the priorities have been set for the pampering of the eyes and not the stomach. 



Desiging Broken Shadows

As mentioned earlier, I was happy to be part of the team bringing Broken Shadows to the light (pun intended)

I wanted a touch of geometric symmetry of Square Kufi and to try using it in Lain Alphabet. My target was to present something more sophisticated than a normal font and of course that the design is tailored specifically to the title, while maintaining the appeal to an international audience.

And it all begins with the pen and paper.


And then it turns out into this:

Broken effect


البلاد - زنقة

سَأَضْرِبُ في طُولِ الْبِلاَدِ وَعَرْضِهَا أنالُ مرادي أو أموتُ غريبا
فإن تلفت نفسي فلله درُّها وَإنْ سَلِمَتْ كانَ الرُّجوعُ قَرِيباً

الإمام الشاقعي

(من موقع أدب)