From the diary of an anti-feminist guy

Dear diary

I have always thought that writing diaries was only a woman’s thing. Did you ever hear about the diaries of Mr. folan??? No! But lately I reached a point close to explosion!

I am a mid 30’s guy, working in XYZ company for the past 10 years. In other words, since the day I graduated from university I found a spot here, and since then I didn’t leave. My career had its ups and downs of course, but lately it became just stagnat. It has been 4 years since my last promotion and I don’t think they will promote anyone anytime soon.


It all started on this sunny Sunday.

My manager, Mr. Z, dropped by my office and introduced to me H, the girl who was going to be my assistant.

She was a cute girl, with a clueless face and very little work experience. Her poorly written CV mentioned that she worked for a couple of months in a small enterprise, but as this experience was totally irrelevant to what we do, she was as good as a fresh graduate. She was a bit too girly-girl if you know what I mean. A bit too pink and light blue. Totally not my type, so don’t have any thought about that.
The next day I started teaching her step-by-step all the things she needed to know. Meanwhile, I was under a hell of a pressure to finish what I already needed to do and at the same time prepare an adequate program for her.


A friend of mine once told me after a long discussion about gender equality that I was very feminist, and that this mentality is not for our conservative society. What a funny thing to say! Yes I believe in women having the same rights as men to have a the same opportunities and achieve their dreams. And as I had an amazing tutor to show me the way in the corporate jungle, I decided to adopt H professionally.

By time she got to know the work environment, and damn she was very smart!
I can’t believe that till this day some people in my country still claim that working women are the reason behind the high unemployment rate! What the hell!!!
When I looked at her, I smile and remind myself that there’s still hope for the younger generation to accomplish something in this country, something that my generation failed to do.


Newsletter # 1401
Tuesday 20th May 2008

As our company is extending its business through alliances with ABC organization, the HR is happy to announce the following:
Expert position…
… very competitive package…
– Masters degree or phd.
– at least 6 years of experience as a Team Leader
– highly motivated personality


To apply, follow this link: intranet.ABC/HR.
Deadline: Sunday 25th of May.
Good luck.


All day long I had this big smile on my face. At last!
They should have written my name on it just to save time.
This field of expertise was my playground.

How stupid I was!
And the funny thing is now I can not tell whether her previous behavior was real or was she just too smart for me to handle!!


In yesterday’s staff meeting, Mr. Z made the announcement:
It was decided who is chosen for the ABC exchange of expertise. It will be Miss H. Please come to my office after the meeting to discuss the details




Later on my colleagues dropped by my desk to give condolences. They stuff like “maalesh”, “kheirha fi gheirha”, “hard luck”, “this thing is not worth it aslan”…
Then afterwards I got to know that the so-called “objective” screening process was pressured by not-so-objective feminist idea from the upper management (suggested by you-know-who), because the company wanted to show the ABC institution how civilized it is!


Today I changed my status on facebook.
“I am an anti-feminist advocating gender equality…”


The End


I am happy for the comments, but mmmmm guys, this is fiction 🙂
I discovered that i didn’t mention this directly in the begining of the story (that’s why I amended parts of it), but it was fairly obvious at the end that it is said with the voice of a guy.
Gender equality – anti-feminist

I hope the message is clearer now 🙂

The whole idea behind this was a chat with Mohamed, my fiance. We were talking about feminism and women rights. We agreed that some angry feminists will lead to a counter reaction from moderate males (especially those who advocate gender equality) when the woman gets better chances for the sole reason of her being a woman. It reminded me of a scene in a movie called “Crash”, it’s a very good movie. A white man’s business was ruined due to a laws in favor of African Americans, and the irony is that this guy was sympathetic to African Americans and made sure that his business will not discriminate between them. If I were that guy I would be very pissed! The same goes for feminism. I get angry when men are treated better than women for just being a man, and on the other hand I hate it when I see women treated better in their jobs just for being females! That’s was the whole point of the story 🙂 So no, it didn’t happen to me 🙂