take 1


This photo was taken two weeks ago in the courtyard of Mohamed Ali’s mosque in the Citadel. I turned it into sepia 3ashan I love the “old” feeling of the scene. I tried to capture the shadows of the window as much as I can, but I think it would have been better if the sun entered from a different angle.


This was taken in el Refai mosque. No photoshop used. I don’t know why exactly they put this strong green lighting, and some ugly plastic flowers!

I can’t forget this woman who came to the mausoleum with arms wide open, then she KNELT in front of the doors!!! OMG!!! How can she do this!! I can’t imagine how foreigners will perceive this ! And I can’t imagine the values she transmit to her children if she was convinced with these ideas!


This one shows the amount of details put on the ceiling of el refai mosque. Even though this is not a favorite of mine, but I can’t deny that it has pretty interesting details.

bas keda…


3 responses to “take 1

  1. I love the first and last ones, the window or is it a doorway I am not really sure is superb you can almost imagine the women coming thru in silk colorful dresses smelling of bukhur and Mohamed Ali’s soldiers following them with their swords and turbans.

  2. i love the photos so much, i’ve been to sultan Hassan and Refai mosque on the last week end, and i’ve been to Ahmed ibn Toloun mosque as well, and i was amazed when i saw the Gayer Anderson museum, it’s a a treasure!!!!!!!!!

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