Golf in Tirana

Finally I found a place to play golf in Tirana! It’s not a golf course per se, but at least it’s a start.


It’s located right next Kame resort, on the way tp Pellumbas cave, off el Basan road. It’s almost 25 min south of Tirana.

I heard another resort near Durres will have a real golf course, but it’s still under construction.

I’m so glad with all the changes I’ve witnessed since coming here 3 years ago! Way to go!!

L i F e

I am living an interesting phase of my life. In the past I used to have a steady rhythm to my steps. Mostly predictable moves. Taking it easy. One step at a time. Then few months ago I started to stir it up a little, because I found that doing some actions now based on futuristic predictions can turn into a waste of time if it was not planned perfectly well.

I started to redesign the way I live and started to think about my future in a different manner.


Normally I love of the feeling of anticipation. Just like in a roller coaster, the most exciting (and fearful) point for me is when you see the tip of the trail but nothing afterwards. And as I lived a very predictable life (from my point of view, however my family and some of my friends would disagree J ), I decided to be more daring. I started to plan for the things I wanted to do but was afraid of thinking that it might happen. Or in other words, start contemplating options that I have always thought would be out of my reach.


All of that accumulated in a certain point where I have to make a drastic decision.

And unfortunately I am not a person who can make up her mind easily when it comes to major decisions (except in shopping), but when I do I follow through till the end. And the funny thing is that I know that for whatever I choose I will put all my powers to make it work, and I know that whatever my decision would be I will not regret missing out the other options (hopefully), yet I still don’t know which destination I want to reach in -say- 20 years.


So I’m 24 and I still don’t know where I want my destination to be! What a shame!


My golf guru once told me that I have what it takes to do a nice golf swing. I have already a nice base of knowledge. I have the physical flexibility and strength that permit me to do it quite well. But it’s all in my mind. I have to let go. “Just arrange your thoughts, consider all the tiny movements you need to perform, then forget about all of that and release all your energy swiftly, because only at that moment you would truly feel the ecstasy of perfection”.


I used to smile when he said so. I didn’t know how would a simple swing would give me this pleasure. But when I truly did it right, it was unbelievable!

Oh how I want to feel the same way about the other aspects of my life…



Golf in Egypt

It has been a long time since I last talked about Golf. Golf is seen by many Egyptians as that luxurious game played by old lazy rich men. “What’s fun in following a small ball all around the place”, that’s a phrase I always hear. Many people I know are surprised why I chose to play golf, actually it was something I wanted to do for some time (it was on my To Do list 🙂 ), and I had the chance to try it last year, and I was instantly hooked up to that small irritating ball. I spent long hours trying to perfect that shot, and at the end I mess it all up and return home more frustrated than ever, but eager to come again and give it another try. I heard before that doing a perfect shot after so many trials gives you the same sensation of feeling in love ! Tab3an this is exagerated, but a well played shot feels amazing. Also spending some time in silence, away from the hectic uran life, seeing pretty landscapes,,, is exactly what I need after a long week of work.

El Mohem,,, there are many golf courses in Egypt, (more than what I thought), pictures from google earth can be found here. I found an interesting post by Mohamed Siam from google earth community with brief description on all the golf courses in Egypt, I really liked it.

And here are some links:


So here I am in Cairo, No I am not in Siwa, or El Karm, or Aswan, or even El Ein El Sokhna 😦 I really really really wanted to travel during this long vacation,, ma aleina,, hanenhab? I am here and enjoying a whole week off work.

Apart from the over dose of movies that I am having, I spent the first day of el eid with the family (I really missed them), and today I went to play GOLF,,, it was beautiful, I played in the driving range (it is that place where a line of golfers hit balls for hours), and then walked with a friend who played 9 holes on the golf course (that’s where u see the golfers walking with their trollies following the ball). I have to start going on the course, but lessa shewaya 3alaia, I need to have more confidence in my swing, have a bettter direction, learn how to get out from the sand bunker, use the driver…. Anyway, the weather was really nice, every now and then the sun hides behind dark clouds, then it rained, and after a while the sun reappeared again, then rain again,,,, BEAUTIFUL.

It’s 2007 already!

Golf & Life

Let me show u something. Even if you don’t know much about golf, look at the main ideas behind it…. Masalan the idea of going through the ball instead of just concentrating on hitting it bas, (the one I was just talking about)….I know this might sound weird…. but this is kinda like life, love and marriage…. Let’s assume the target is ‘happy life’, the commitment is the ball, and the power of swinging the golf club is love, and the point of hitting the ball (aka point of impact) is marriage.
Most people consider marriage as the decisive point in any relationship, but concentrating on only this will -most probably- deviate them from actually their final target (= happy life), but if we concentrated more on the feeling of the swing (= love), and considered the part where the club hits the ball (= marriage) as simply part of the process of getting there then we’d definitely have a better chance for reaching a happy life 🙂
see what i mean?

Golf practice updates

I have a problem that my practice swing is far better than my real swing in hitting the ball, I have also another problem that the ball’s trajectory is much higher than what is needed, that’s plus speed, direction,,,,, tons of stuff 😦

The good news is that last Saturday I made a small progress in applying the idea of “going through the ball instead of hitting it“. I loved it. I trusted my swing at last after so many disappointments. What a feeling.

Here are some tips I found and could understand what the author was talking about:

“One of the biggest mistakes most golfers make is not swinging to their intended target. Most golfers will tell you they are swinging to hit the ball when in reality your target is the fairway or the green. This is why when people make practice siwngs in most cases that swing is better than their actual real swing over the ball. The reason this occurs is because there is a ball in front of them and they make the ball the target. Once you lock eyes too long on the ball your mind starts grinding out too much information which can become detrimental because it can inhibit you from just reacting naturally.”

And Finally a nice tip for golf and life in general:”You must first believe you can make the shot and trust your instincts and abilities and then just pull the trigger. To play good solid golf you want to have a quiet mind. Because a mind overloaded with too many thoughts will create confusion and this inturn will not allow you to freely swing through the ball towards your target. “

Aikido, Golf & Horse back riding

What’s the thing in common between golf, Aikido and horse back riding?Well, for the first instance you’d say that there aren’t anything in common, but in fact there is. In these three activities one has to be in harmony with himself and with the others, and without cultivating this sense, one can’t perform his best.

For Aikido: Aikido practice was meant to be a way of experiencing this fundamental connection between the pieces of the Great Whole. It wasn’t intended as a “fighting system”, in fact the practice of the art was meant to eliminate fighting since violence occurs only as a misunderstanding of the true nature of the world and Aikido practice was meant of be a path of realization which illuminated rather than obscured this truth. So in O-Sensei’s Aikido the statement “masakatsu agatsu” is meant to reinforce this truth. “True victory is Self Victory” is another one of the core Aikido concepts.

Actually, Aikido means literally the way of being in harmony with Ki (internal energy), and to achieve this, one has to be in harmony with himself, his opponent and ultimately the universe. One last thing about Aikido, when you do a technique you have two options: omote or ura, the first thing (omote) generally means that you have to be in front of the attacker, it is a more vigorous way, some people describe it as the ‘fight’ option especially that you have to enter with an atemi (a tiny strike to distract him). The second (ura) is when you go behind the attacker and absorb the attack, that’s the ‘flight’ option. Note that the use of the words fight and flight is not very accurate in the vocabulary of aikido.

For Golf: At the beginning one has to understand the connection with the ball. I can’t recall how many times I did good practice swings and then when it came to hitting the ball I hit it terribly! This has to do with ‘fear’, a surprising thing for non golfers, but it’s true, every golfer has a moment of fear from the ball… Anyway, let’s get back to the harmony issue. On a higher level, one has to be in harmony with the golf course itself, he has to feel the wind, to understand the field, and here I don’t mean the simple physical part of it, no, here I mean the spirit of the place. I may sound weired but this is what they say. 

Here I quote Bagger Vance, it’s a conversation between Bagger and Junuh:

  • Inside each and every one of us is one true, authentic swing. Something we were born with, that’s ours and ours alone. Something can’t be taught to you or learned. Something that got to be remembered. Over time, the world can rob us of that swing and get buried inside us under all our woulda’s and coulda’s, and shoulda’s. Some folk even forget what their swing was like. You keep swinging.
  • But I don’t have any balls.
  • Don’t worry about the ball or where it’s gonna go. Just swing the club. Close your eyes.
  • Close my eyes, You can’t make that ball go in.
  • You have to let it. Feel the club. Feel the weight of the club. A deep perfect line. Dropping in, soft as butter. Listen to the sounds of the night. Keep swinging that club. Feel the breeze coming off the sea. Keep swinging that club until you’re part of the whole thing.”

    For Horses: The first rule I heard when I tried horse back riding was how to balance my weight in order to avoid a fall, the second thing is to keep pace with the horses movement, to anticipate its next move and go along with it. I was told that when the horse is walking slowly I have to really feel the rhythm of it’s movement, so when it starts to trot I would follow the same rhythm. Again it is all about harmony. Fear also occupies a part in my mind when I ride (unfortunately).

As a conclusion, golf, aikido and horse back riding all depend on harmonizing yourself. But for me there is another thing in common which is FEAR. 

Golf Clubs

Types of Clubs

Different clubs in the golfer’s bag are designed for different uses on the course. We’ll explain more about what makes them different when we describe the parts of a club, but here are the clubs:

  • Woods are the longest clubs in the golfer’s bag, the clubs with large, bulbous heads designed to send a golf ball sailing hundreds of yards with a single swing.
  • Irons are present in the greatest variety, from the low-numbered clubs designed to hit a ball nearly as far as a wood, to the high-numbered irons and wedges designed to send the ball a short distance in a high, arcing trajectory.
  • Putters are built for finesse, designed to help guide a golfer’s aim and steady her hands as they send the ball rolling into the cup from a short distance.
  • The first club you use while learning golf is the iron one. I don’t know why but my favorite club is # 7, Maybe it’s because of its angle,,, I don’t know, it just fits. I’m now working on my woods practice, it will save me lots of distance when I finally go on the golf course. My main faults: try to take a better back swing, keep the head at its place, concentrate on the angle of the club face,,,