Egyptian Photographers

These photographers knew how to impress me.

I saw an exhibition of George Fakhry by mere chance in the opera few weeks ago. I liked his photography ALOT. Check out his website: , very impressive!

Monir El Shazly, a good friend of mine, and a good advisor. His “vision” is “to promote beauty in everyone and everything“. Check out


Hany El Zorkany, another good friend of mine,,, I love how he studies photography, his tips are not just like any tips, they are truly meaningful and inspiring. I loved his photo essays, it feels like taking photography a further step. Check out


March 2008

Let’s see what’s on Cairo’s agenda:

Tuesday 4/3: Waguih Aziz @ Gomhoreya Theater @ 7:30 pm (for more info) the same day there is a book discussion in el sakiat @ 7, the title of the book is very ,,,, mm,, weird! “Never marry a woman with big feet“…. And as I am one of these unfortunate women, then I had to know what’s it all about!! Plus, the arabic translation is also,,,,, intriguing (إياك و الزواج من كبيرة القدمين ) !!! Then I found it talks about the perception about women across different cultures through proverbs, for example: A wife is like a blanket: cover yourself, it irritates you; cast it aside, you feel cold. (Ashanti, Ghana); The name of the father is the secret of the mother. (Creole, Jamaica); A woman who knows Latin will never find a husband nor come to a good end. (All over Europe) Wives and shoes are better when old. (Japanese)

And there is a concert for Ehaab Abdou “Ana Masry” in Howard theater (fel AUC) @ 7 pm

Wednesday 5/3: A talk about the newly published bloggeresses @ sakiat el sawy @ 7 pm.

Friday 7/3: Zorba Ballet @ Cairo Opera House (Main Hall) @ 8 pm. On the 7th and the 9th they will show one act from Zorba and from Bolero, and on the 10th and 11th they will show complete Ballet of Zorba, ana mesh fahma leih el ta`sim dah, bas ma 3aleina, Zorba ballet was one of the Opera’s hits.

Sunday 9/3: Persepolis @ CFCC el Mounira @ 8:30. AKHIRAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!! The long awaited comic book that was turned into a movie is now here in Cairo!!! At last!!!! grab the opportunity! I don’t think it will be on DVD’s shelves anytime soon in Egypt.

Friday 14/3: el Korba Carnival. I love how this Carnival was able to continue in providing a feeling of celebration to Heliopolis :). I confess that I am not a Heliopolitan, I don’t know much about Heliopolis, and can’t compare it to Maadi for example. But this carnival in particular makes me smile. The streets of Cairo can have fun too 🙂 (IT’S A RUMOR 😦 😦 😦 )

Another concert of “Ana Masry” @ el sakiat @ 8 pm

That’s it for now, more to be added soon 🙂

Orz Belaban Leshakhseen


I was soooooooooo excited when I laid my hands on the first edition of Rehab’s first published book “Orz Belaban Leshakhseen”, that included the stories she wrote on her blog Hadouta. Not only because she is truly a sweet, funny, energetic, friendly, enthusiastic, smiling girl. She is much more than that. She is one of the people who you’d meet in a social gathering, and even if you talk with her for only 15 minutes, you’ll leave smiling wishing her silently the best of luck and happiness. 🙂

You have to read “Orz Belaban Leshakhseen“. You will like it, especially if you like rice pudding 😉


When I returned from the Book Fair, I sat down and “ate” her book. It is so lovely. I gave it to my sister-in-law to read it, she finished it and went to el shorouk to get herself another copy!!

During the past few weeks I was pretty busy at work, with absolutely no net access, I checked my mail, my reader, and my facebook and I was VERY HAPPY to see my friend’s book listed as one of the fair’s best sellers!!!!

watch “el 3ashera massa`an”:

Read Ahmed Bahgat’s daily column:

And there are other links on Daily News and Masrawy and other blogs too 😀

Mabrouk Mabrouk Mabrouk 😀

Love Actually

I don’t know if I talked about this movie before, but I have to mention here that this is one of my favorite romantic movies. It is like a mosaic of tiny love stories mingled together forming a big beautiful picture. I liked how it traced the different types of love stories and formed relations between the characters so you’d feel that it is still one movie, not 8 short stories. It talked about love and politics, elementary love, love after death, moving on, unspoken love, love at work, lifetime love, love of friends, loving with a different language…

The movie in brief can be illustrated in this:

here are some quotes (lovely 🙂 :

Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion’s starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don’t see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often it’s not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it’s always there – fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge – they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaking suspision love actually is all around.

Love actually is all around. ….

The Last “Samurai” of Egypt

An ex-office from the American civil war, going to a developing country in order to help the ruler to build the army. Sounds familiar??

Check out the NY Times dated August 11th, 1878:

Our countrymen in Egypt: American officers out of work. The Khedive’s army disbanded

To know more about this, check out this website: Americans in the Egyptian Army.

When I asked my father about this, he told me that my grandfather (when he was young) met one of them, and that he lived in Maadi. Unfortunately my father doesn’t remember what his father told him about this visit… ma3aleina. I just thought it’s interesting.

On a different note, it shows how the Egyptian Army never depended on Egyptians! First they used Circassians, then Europeans (remember Soleiman Pasha el Faransawi?) and even Americans!

Books on my list: The Road to Beershebaa

I found this book translated to Arabic (published by the collection Ketabi -my book- #56 and #57), and I was intrigued bu the title and the fact that it is written by an Irish woman: Ethel Mannin (1900-1985). I bought the book but I didn’t read it yet, and nevertheless I will try to look for the original version.

With some googling, I found NOTHING about the book itself, except for it was written in response to Leon Uris‘s popular and pro-Israeli novel Exodus.  As for the writer, I found some interesting stuff about her, check this: “Dig into the novels of Ethel Mannin & you will find anarchism, the Spanish Revolution, Emma Goldman, women’s lib., the colonial struggle, the Arab guerrillas, all dealt with: her factual works include Women & the Revolution & many others.”….

And this: Even Mannin’s nonfiction became controversial. E. F. Allen of the New York Times describes her book Forever Wandering as a “travel notebook of a British novelist, who takes for granted that the world is interested in her observations and reaction…Although [she] is opinionated to point of irritation, she is honest in her attitudes and exuberant in her style or writing.” Her first autobiographical work, Confessions and Impressions, was considered shocking at the time of its publication in 1930. The work, which included detailed accounts of extramarital affairs, caused an immediate scandal and earned her a reputation as an “angry woman.” ….

Definitely she has the look of an angry woman…

Broken Ceramic


This picture may symbolize something or nothing, I just liked the way it looked when I was visiting Gayer Andreson House (Beit El Kereteleya). I liked the idea of a framed ceramic “put” / محفورة in the wall of a hall (or was it a staircase?)

Besides, who wouldn’t fall in love with these shades of blue?? 🙂


Aqua,  Four Seasons Nile Plaza 

The best sea food restaurant in Cairo

The food is just so delicious!

unbelievable starters, soup, main dish, dessert…

my mouth waters from the memory!

And the decor,,,, so chic

Beautiful view

Very friendly waiters

and,,, ehem,,,, very high prices

It was very funny to find Haifa Wahbi dining 3 tables away from me, and Amr Diab (with the family) dining on the table right next to me!! One of Amr Diab’s sons (10 years old or something) was playing with a digital camera, taking photos of his sister and the surrounding, while turning he was going to take a picture of me (oh, how I hate paparazzi! 🙂 ) but daddy told him to stop playing around,, haha