History of Civilizations

As I said in my post, I will try to make a big research on ancient civilizations. Here is a preliminary outline for what I intend to do.

  • Europe and the Mediterranean: (Carthage, Etruscans, Hittites, Phoenicia, Scythians, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece,)
  • East Asia: (Ancient China, Ancient Japan, Ancient Korea, Mongols, Huns)
  • Southwest Asia: (Ancient Persia, Ancient Parthia, Arabia Felix, Assyria, Babylonia, Proto-Elamite, Elam, Kingdom of Israel, Kingdom of Judah, Sumer, Urartu.
  • Saharan and Sub-Saharan Africa: (Axumite Kingdom, Kush)
  • Ancient Egypt
  • The Americas: (Adena, Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Native America,,, )For each topic I will try to search and have questions that need more research. Simple.
    • Ancient Egypt: what did they reach? who are they? In what did they beleive? How different are we from them?
    • Greek: what makes Socrates a very special man? What’s the background of the Greek mythology?
    • Latin America: what is the difference between the Maya, the Aztec and the Inca? Don’t they all wear the same bright coloured clothes?
    • Who are the isrealis?
    • Who are the ancient people who built Petra in Jordan?

11 responses to “History of Civilizations

  1. hi nousha ,
    i think u took that categorization from a western source , and i think its not good one at all,

    i am not cpecialized in such a kind of studies , but i think u should re think that categories, and group spots of civilization according its imprtance , role in history and , geagraphical location , etc
    if i am in ur shoes , i ll put what s so called “the old word ” first , and group them as midle east, including Egypt , sham area ( palestine , syria jordan) , Iraq , sudan nubia, iran , greece , italy , etc , cause they are one group
    the china , india , japan , etc ,, in one group,,
    then south sahara africa
    then west and north europe and so on

    i cant undrestand why u put egypt under south saharan , egypt cant be in that category ,
    and also cant undrestand why u start by europe , if u are about a study about civilization europe will appear in ur study in a so late phaze , unless u are making ur study about present civilizations

    anyway good luck with ur study ,, and let us read

  2. Thanks Tarek for ur comment. It has been a long time since I last tackled this issue. And u are right, I borrowed the list from a western source (wikipedia), I wanted to show myself that there are lots of things I want to know.

    About the suitable classification or topics, I want to check Will Durant ‘s history of civilizations, it is very impressive.

    But for the time being, I think that I will choose certain civilizations (Ancient Egypt, Islmic, Hindu, China, Japan, latin america,,,), and later on I will categorize them.

    My issue here is what to look for. Sometimes I wonder about history, culture, religion, arts, sciences, social issues,,,, At other times I try to be more specific and look for answers to stereotyped questions (the ones like “In Egypt do you go to work by camels?”)… . mmmm I will have to figure that out 🙂

    Thanks for ur ideas

  3. u are welcome nousha ,
    and from time to time visit my my page, and if u like something or dislike something tell me, i am still new on blogs’ world, and finding my way to how to make a good and attractive and blog

    now i am thinking to add a page in my blog about the character of the egyptian ppl, i have many thoughts about that , most of them are negative , and i think that the personality of the egyptian ppl have changed to the worst , and still being changed every day under the presure of the econimic situation and poverty and the corruption of the ruling regime .etc
    so when i start in that i wish that friends like u and other read and tell me their comments

  4. at the right tab you’ll find some sub pages:
    Latin American Civilizations
    Ancient Egypt
    Egyptian Astrology

    that’s what I did so far… seems like i slept on it for a while

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  6. Hello. You mention “under the right tab” we wuld find what you did so far. Which tab exactly? (I couldnt find it sorry).

  7. Have you read Clash of Civilizations and Remaking of the World Order by Samuel Huntington? That book will provide you with a very good insight on development of Civilizations over the course of History and their current relationships.

    Jazak Allah!

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