More quotes on motherhood

Doris Lessing writes candidly about the conflicting feelings she had during this period (early motherhood) – a longing to spend more time with other new mothers, talking about babies and mashed food, and an equally strong desire to run away from them all. Lessing is highly critical of the ways in which many capable women seem to change after giving birth. She believes much women seem to change for a while, but then sooner or later they start getting restless, demanding and even neurotic. “There is no boredom like that of an intelligent young woman who spends all day with a very small child, ” she says.

Betty Friedan -writer, activist, feminist- firmly believed that we needed a broader definition of success than the ones largely held by modern society. We had to reframe family values in order to change the system in which every suburban mother struggled on her own, thinking there were something intrinsically wrong with her when she experienced the slightest sense of failure.

As for my generation, we are so carried away with the propaganda that we can do anything and everything we want, our feet don’t always touch the ground. Perhaps we forget to ask for help when we need it most.

From Elif Shafak’s Black Milk