Alice 2

‘Cheshire Puss…. Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’

‘That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat.

‘I don’t much care where—’ said Alice.

‘Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the Cat.

‘—so long as I get SOMEWHERE,’ Alice added as an explanation.

‘Oh, you’re sure to do that,’ said the Cat, ‘if you only walk long enough.’

Alice felt that this could not be denied, so she tried another question. ‘What sort of people live about here?’

‘In THAT direction,’ the Cat said, waving its right paw round, ‘lives a Hatter: and in THAT direction,’ waving the other paw, ‘lives a March Hare. Visit either you like: they’re both mad.’

‘But I don’t want to go among mad people,’ Alice remarked.

‘Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the Cat: ‘we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.’

‘How do you know I’m mad?’ said Alice.

‘You must be,’ said the Cat, ‘or you wouldn’t have come here.’

From Alice in Wonderland

such a weird conversation!


Aqua,  Four Seasons Nile Plaza 

The best sea food restaurant in Cairo

The food is just so delicious!

unbelievable starters, soup, main dish, dessert…

my mouth waters from the memory!

And the decor,,,, so chic

Beautiful view

Very friendly waiters

and,,, ehem,,,, very high prices

It was very funny to find Haifa Wahbi dining 3 tables away from me, and Amr Diab (with the family) dining on the table right next to me!! One of Amr Diab’s sons (10 years old or something) was playing with a digital camera, taking photos of his sister and the surrounding, while turning he was going to take a picture of me (oh, how I hate paparazzi! 🙂 ) but daddy told him to stop playing around,, haha

Memories of Egyptians Born in the 70’s

Thanks to Facebook group: Memories of Egyptians Born in the 70’s

Here are some of the stuff that i remember and you should remember if you were born in the 70’s:

1- TV, means only Egyptian Channel 1 and 2
2- You really loved programs like (taksi el sahra, ekhtarna lak, fakar thawany tesab da2aye2, mawakef wa tara2ef, nadi el cinema, aalam el 7ayawan and el 3elm wel eman)
3- You still laugh your a** off, at the same tom and jerry episode that you have seen when you were 5
4- You woke up early on Friday, just to watch the duck tales on mama nagwa’s show.
5- The radio was really interesting, we heard programs like kal al faylasoof and e3terafat laylyeah, and we still shiver if we hear the morning eza3et el shark el awsat music at 7:00 am
6- European program 95.5 fm was the only source for the latest English music, Hala hashish was the master DJ of that era.
7- Having a taxi was a miracle, and sometimes you had to share it with other people going different places.
8- Some of the older people have witnessed the assassination of their president on live TV
9- You have actually witnessed the mobile invention being introduced to Egypt when it was for 5000 EGP
10- Ramadan meant great fun on TV, bo2loz, fawazeer nelly we sherihane, alf leela we leela yehia el fakharany
11- You actually heard amr diab, mostafa 2amar, alaa abdel khalek, hamid el sha3ery and mohamed fouad sing for the first time.
12- You enjoyed hearing medhat saleh, aly el hagaar and the real deal was eman el bahr darwish.
13- Snacks were basically consisting of Bimbo, rocket and karatee, along with one Pepsi in a small glass bottle.
14- Cinema el tahrir in dokki was state of the art technology and it took a fight to be able to get a ticket there before Jurassic park I.
15- You wore a baggy green jeans and a Texas shoe at a stage of your life, then you got stylish and wore the vanilla ice outfit (black shoe with metal plate, and black cap with metal plate and a black hi cole t-shirt !!!)
16- Smokers still suffer so far from the first breath of Gentians cigarettes
17- People traveling to Port Said at that came back with tons of goodies that you can never get from Dubai now.
18- Getting online was a disaster, you have to steal a password from someone, call magles el wozara or AUC 1000 times before the line is free, all that so in the end you can chat with an American girl on MIRC.
19- You still have this paper that gives you the details of your pen pal in the states (can anyone remember the name of the company, they gave us this little yellow paper with all the countries flags are on)
20- You have witnessed the legends of Egyptian football play in the field (hassan shehata, el khateeb, taher abo zaid, alaa mayhoob …etc) and you cried your eye out when they quit.
21- News papers were Al-Ahram, Akhbar and Gomhoryeah, nothing else.
22- You think Adham Sabry can liberate palatine alone.
23- You still read Mickey 🙂
24- You sincerely looked for fodoly in Maged magazine and was really proud finding him.
25- You have actually seen Egypt scoring a goal in the World Football Cup
26- You think Captin Maged is the best football player ever.
27- You have memorized movies like el rosasa mazalat fe gayeby, wa eslamah, rab3a el 3adawyeah.
28- El Keef movie is the best comedy ever.
29- Raafat El Haggan was your hero and you really loved him from your heart.
30- You wished if you can own a 128 one day.
31- English TV shows were great, Nots Landing, the bold and the beautiful, MacGyver, mission impossible, and Ochean
32- You suffered big time trying to figure out where and how to place the straw (el shafata) fel zeft elly esmo 3aseer Best !
(Additions by member: Sam K)
33- You remember when the Cairo subway was still new, clean and smelled good.
34 -You scored 75-80 % in Thanaweya Amma and you joined the university of your dreams.
35-You had 2 boxes in your fridge, one of Bimbo biscuits and the other of Corona wafers.
36-You use to eat at Mc Burger and it was the latest and greatest in fast food chains.
37-You used to beleive that when year 2000 comes cars will look so wierd, bulidings will be smart and everything will be computerized.
38-You kept longing for so long for the Egyptian TV to stop writing the results in Football matches by hand and was so overwhelmed by the technology in the World Cup or Olympic Games.
39-Public transportation busses were all red, Mercedes Benz or Nasr.
40-Summer vacation simply meant Alexandria. Sharm, Marina, and Hurgada were not invented yet. And you called someone who went to Hurgada a wierdo!
41-You had to move up to the TV to flip channels.
42-You used to feel inferior because you did not own a VCR (video)
43-You kept your breakfast everyday to eat it with mosalsal borg el 7az (Sharara) or Meezo.
44-You spent your break time at school exchanging pictures of football players.
45-Talking to a girl was a huge adventure that only few guys could claim. You heard others talking about it but you never thought of doing it because you were “mo2adab”
46-Nancy agram was not born yet and the term “Lebanese girls” never came up in any conversation. You never compared Egyptian girls to any other nationality.
47-Songs were heard not watched and you evaluated a singer based on her voice not her body.
48-You only watched Channel 1 when there is a football match, but most of the time you were watching channel 2 to see the American movies.
49-You went to a family visit with your parents and they offered you bonbon Sima.
50-You used to call your friends at home and say “Masa2 El Kheir folan mawgood?”. You spent weeks trying to reach him at home but he is always away.
51-You waited for so long to have a phone installed at your home and till that happened you made your calls from the nearest pharmacy or grocery store.
52-You always wanted to upgrade your bicycle to one with 7 speeds.
53-You used to fight with your friends whether Sakhr was better or Sinclair.
54-You used 5.25” Floppy disks and when the new 3.25” ones appeared you thought they will never catchup.
55-Cassette tapes used to get stuck in the player and when you tried to fix them they got worse and you spent the rest of the day trying to get the tape in the correct position.
56-There was an old play in TV on Thursday and night. You started to watch and fell asleep in the middle.
57-You spent summer in the outdoors, you turned on the fan when it was hot and owning an A/C was not an option.
58-You thought that when you grow up you will be rich and have a phone in the car.
59-“Khaly Balak Men Zozo” was the hottest movie you can ever see.
60-Before bying a PC you checked to see if it was 100% IBM compatible.
61-You used to guess and try website names because nobody told you about Yahoo.
62-You paid 2.5 Pounds for KFC Snack Box.
63-You upgraded your memory to 4 MB.
64-Your uncle had a Ramses car and sold it to buy Seat 133.
65-You bragged about having a milkshake in Wimpy.
66-You copied software packages on 35 floppies.
(Additions by member Hossam Farag)
67-Masr kollaha ra7et McDonalds fe share3 gam3et el dwal 3ashan kano 7ayeddo 3arabeya l awel wa7ed yedkhol.
68-Kol bani 2dam kan lazem ye7awel y3zef Ra2fat El Haggan 3ala ay org aw piano yeshoofo 2odamo (seems to me that it was the only instrumental played on these days).
69-Law dakhalat share3 Makram 3ebaid f madeenet nasr kont betla2y nafsak f west el sa7ara.
70-Yassmeen Abdel Aziz was singing mamty w tanty w khalti 7arfeet leban (a real complicated know how).
71-A7das el 2mn el markzy lamma kol el welad 3ayetto 3ashan yenzelo yel3abo kora fel share3 sa3et 7azr el tagawoul.
72-Temsal Ramsis kan 23ed fel medan merta7 w 7awaleh taraawa (badal el bahdala elly bahdeloahlo delwa2ty.
73-Masr kollaha kanet betetkalem 3an azmet el o3’neya el shababeya w ta2serha 2ala el mogtama3 el masry although they were just 10 singers 7eela (See now!!).
74-Lwlaaky for 3ali 7emaida was a phenomenal song (you can hear it if you open your shower!
(Addition by member Sherine Meshad)
75- School trips were to places like genenet el 7ayawan or el karia el for3oneya .. and most of your life that was in school uniform!
76- You can still hum the tune to smurfs, woody wood pecker, sesame street.
77- the normal present from abroad would be a gigantic tubleron bar of chocolate!
78- Fantastickers was the most amazing fad ever.
79- Lycra tights on oversized phosphoric t-shirts worn with ankle sneakers we el lesan bara el gazma!! the hottest fad! (not even mentioning the hair!)
80- Top English music included Wham, Madonna, Modern Talking, Glen Maderious (nothing’s gonna change my love for you), and lets not forget Sandra!! New Kids on the Block – NKOTBs were the first ever boy band and everyone loved Gordan!
(Addition by member Joe Atta)
81-u brag for 2 weeks cause u ate at {Pizza Hut} even if u just got Pepsi….
82- U wait for thursdays as it is 1/2 a day in the school & there is the open day (elyoum elmaftou7) in TV were there is a comic old arabic movie at noon & elbarlaman elsa3’eer before the 6 o’clock news, then u end the night with a play (masra7eya).
83- u must have a pair of shoes men elly beytalla3o noor, or those ones with the word (Air) written on their sides…
84- Brands like adidas or nike were magical & luxurious… All there is were Bata, Cootchi shoes, Amigo elturkey & the famous Arc shoes…
85- Elkabab elkabab lankhali 3eyshetko hbab… was the most catchy slogan u’ve ever heard .

Gamed Gedan 🙂

Keda Reda

If we went to see a movie these days, what will you have in mind?

Arabic: Morgan Ahmed Morgan, El Shabah and Keda Reda. The rest is pretty insignificant.

English: I’d go for The Bourne Ultimatum or Shrek 3.

El Mohem…. I didn’t like Morgan Ahmed Morgan and Taimour & Shafika at all. And I heard that El Belyatcho is not that good. Only el Shabah received few good words, and Keda Reda.

So it was decided that me and 2 girls went to the movie last Thursday right after work. We wanted to go to see it in Galaxy, it was complet! So we went to the Grand Hyatt, and found three chairs on the second row bel3afia!

Ahmed Helmy was maskhara. He did a great job in performing the three characters… The plot was to7fa… Khaled El Sawy was amazing!   (especially in the singing scene 🙂 )

Very recommended (w mesh ana bas elli ba`ool keda)

My Dream

Yesterday I had a nice dream 🙂

I dreamt that I was flying all over Cairo.

There was a traffic jam but I had no problem at all with it. I flew above the cars over 6th October bridge, I think that I went from Giza to Heliopolis in 3 minutes or something! People were gazing at me wondering how I made it. But I didn’t want to go down and talk to them. I signalled to them that it was easy, that they can do it, I even waited for a moment for them to come up.

I was happy.

The first push was a little bit scary, my heart was pumping really hard, but then it felt great. I felt the wind playing with my hair. I flew up and down. I did everything I can imagine of doing up there in the skies. I flew with a full speed, I bet that no plane could have caught me!

Yaaaaaah ! It was amazing!

I remember sitting there on my bed the moment I woke up, not wanting to get up, just wanting to go back and continue the dream 🙂 

قبل و بعد الزواج

 قبل الزواج

هو : يااااه أخيرا الحلم هايتحقق ..
هي : عاوزني أبعد عنك …. ؟؟
هو : لأ.. و إوعي تفكري في كده .
هي : إنت … بتحبني ؟؟
هو : أكييييييييييييد
هي : طاب عمرك خنتني قبل كده ؟
هو : لأ طبعا .. بتسألي ليه ؟
هي : طيب ممكن تديني بوسة ؟
هو : طبعا .. و على خدك كمان .
هي : طيب تفتكر إنك ممكن تضربني في يوم من الأيام ؟
هو : لأ طبعا … انا مش النوع ده من الرجالة .
هي : ممكن أثق فيك ؟
هو : أيوه

لو عاوز تعرف اللي بيحصل بعد الجواز
 إقرأها من تحت لفوووووق Reverse

(received by mail) 🙂