Crafts supplies in Egypt

I know it’s hard to find the right supplier for your crafts cravings, but I found on the cheesy Fatakat forum a nice compilation, and thought I’d share its summary here.

  • Aluminium, copper and silver sheets: Beit el Qadi
  • Wax: el Moski, El Guish st, suggested store: Sayed Kheir. Also, at el Attarin, near Bab Zuweila, El Ghureya.
  • Dyeing supplies: El Guish st, the corner with Port Said st.
  • Leather: Port Said st, near Modereyet Amen El Qahira, Taht el Rab3
  • Beads: Darb El Barabra, suggested store: el Khoronfsh
  • Decoupage supplies: suggested store: Creative touch tel. 27960599, El Qasr el Eini st, down town

3 responses to “Crafts supplies in Egypt

  1. Hi, thanks for the info,but i need something hoping youcan help me find it in cairo,I need Enamel Powders ,الوان المينا اللى بيستعملوها على الذهب و الفضة،

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