Letters to my friends



4 responses to “Letters to my friends

  1. Wow, This State of Mind you are talking about is very difficult to accept any advice , It must have been hard for you to make your stand in this , using a scanned letter is much more meaningful , It shows that You are welling to do efforts for your friends much more than typing a couple of words , and When there is a well , there is a way , and I honestly think that wandering like 5 years old when you are older , is a real bliss and It is the best wish one could ever wish for , to the same friends read this letter over and over again This is the conclusion of too many years that you have spent without knowing that this is what you need

  2. Thanks Ahmed for your comment 😉
    Well, this state of mind is very hard to accept any advice that’s true, it is a very mature mind, yet it is not impressed any more.
    Ya3ny, I try to talk my mind freely with my friends, some of the letters were actually topics for long discussions, other were the unsaid words between us.

    I wish for you this state of a 5 years old child 🙂 it is amazing to keep up the wide eyed look at a butterfly or the rain, but these little stuff are what makes life worth fighting for 🙂

  3. haha 😀
    mesh lel daragadi !
    Elhamdlelah God has sent me a great bunch of friends who I really care about, I hope that we can maintain this friendship

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