Letter to my friends



9 responses to “Letter to my friends

  1. It is never important who is the faulty one, it is never important how we fight, it is never important how we loose people but it is very important to know how to keep our friends and how to keep oour relation despite any misunderstanding or arguments.
    I liked your handwriting, and from notiving it I can say you seam like an organized person to me, clear, nit and a bit emotional. hope I am right.

  2. Hechkok: thanks for the comment, you are right about the importance of maintaining the friendship. About the handwriting,,, mmm, I am not that organized 🙂 the letters are not well proportioned, and go sometimes above or below the line,,, but maybe emotional because I tend to write fast when I really need to deliver a thought…

    Fadfadation: mashi 🙂

  3. With some people, you don’t need to think about who is faulty or when the last time you wrote or communicated.. the bond is there no matter what and no matter how far away you are. w ba3dein, who wouldn’t want to maintain their friendship with you? let them show themselves and let me deal with them 😉

    • Hehe
      Thanks ya Amira :)))
      Well after some encounters i learned that some friendships are like other types of relationships and can be unbalanced between the 2 sides. And it’s important to know wbere u stand in these situations
      However with some ppl u put thid aside & just enjoy their company without a worry :))))

    • U’ve browsing the blog , didnt u? ;))

      Glad u did. It’s been ages since i last checked out these old posts. Sooo many things have changed since then !!

  4. A friend is friendly, happy, and playful, too. A friend doesn’t yell at you. You play with each other all the time. You try not to fight with a friend. You help each other ……………………………..in your life as in your life that isn’t matter what show you……………………….

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