Terry Pratchett

A Spinozan view of child development sees the opposite of wish-fulfillment. There are rules, constrains, that limit what we can do. The child learns, as she grows, to modify her plans as she perceives more of the rules. Initially, she might attempt to cross the room assuming that the chair is not an obstacle, when it doesn’t move out of her way, she will feel frustration, a ‘passion’. And throws a paddy. Later, as she constructs her path to avoid the chair, more of her plans will peaceably, and successfully, come to fruition. As she grows and learns more of the rules -God’s Will or the warp and woof of universal causation- this progressive success will produce a calm acceptance of constraints: peace rather than passion.

بعد كده اتكلم عن أهمية أن الواحد يتعلم من القصص اللي البطل فيها بيفشل في تحقيق هدفه مرة و اتنين، و ازاي ده بيخلي الواحد يركز على التعلم من أخطائه و اكتساب الخبرة. فالقصص البدائية في نظره، البطل فيها بيلاقي المصباح و يقعد يدعك فيه لغاية ما يطلع له الجني يحقق له رغباته. أما القصص المفيدة من وجهة نظره، هي اللي البطل الأولاني القوي يحاول الزواج من ست الحسن و الجمال ، لكنه يفشل. ييجي أخوه يحاول يتعلم من أخطاء الأول و يبين للقارئ (المتعلم) صعوبة المهمة. لكنه يفشل لأن العلام مش بالساهل. و بعدين ييجي الأخ التالت اللي بيتعلم من فشل الأول و خبرة التاني و ينجح.
جايز القارئ العادي ميفكرش في كسب ود ست الحسن و الجمال، لكنه بعد ما يكبر، ممكن يستفيد من بذرة القصة ديه لما يشتغل في مشروع أو في عمله.

الحتة ديه جايباها من الويكي بتاعه:
Our minds make stories, and stories make our minds. Each culture’s Make-a-Human kit is built from stories, and maintained by stories. A story can be a rule for living according to one’s culture, a useful survival trick, a clue to the grandeur of the universe, or a mental hypothesis about what might happen if we pursue a particular course. Stories map out the phase space of existence

عجبتني أوي make-a-human-kit 🙂

و أخيراً قال:

Narrativium makes a different kind of mind from the tribal one, which is all ‘do this because we’ve always done it that way and it woks’ and ‘don’t do that because it’s taboo, evil, and we’ll kill you if you do’. And it also differs from the barbairian mind: ‘That way lies honour, booty, much wealth and many children(if I can only get a djinn, or a dgun); I would not demean myself, dishonour these hands, with menial work.” ……. The reader of tales that have been moulded and informed by narrativium is prepared to do whatever an understanding of the task requires



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