Toddlers in Cairo

So it’s been a month already since I arrived. Of course in Ramadan it’s really hard to do any activities, so now I want to keep track of things to do with my little Gigo, now 18 months!

1- Gezira club playground: (Tested: 8 out 10)

I love it. Till now I didn’t go while it’s crowded, so it’s really nice. Quite, with lots of trees giving us a bit of breeze, all you need of food and drink for the little one (plus coffee for you).

2- Dados Early Stimulation Center:

I went there once a couple of years ago with my niece, and I so enjoyed my time there. They offer 50 min classes for babies and toddlers (but mothers should be there), ranging from baby gym, music, sensory classes,,,
However, they moved from Zamalek and headed to 6 October! So going there is going to be a bit hard …

3- Indoors playground:

Maxfun house (Dokki) , Cheeky Chimps (Mohandessin)

4- Covered swimming pool in Shooting Club:

They allow kids in the new covered swimming pool during certain times.




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