I was at the dentist yesterday and I heard one of your favorite songs.

I was shopping the other day and on the radio another song was on.

I was singing along with my little one, and one of your rare Arabic songs came up.

Are you haunting me with your playlists??

I was reading a book I know you would have loved.

I was watching a movie, you would have recorded on an old VHS.

I took a picture of my little one, you would have put in the family album.

I see you smiling at her when she giggles.

You know, I even see you sometimes in her when she frowns, though no one sees it except me.

I know you were not the perfect father, and I am sorry for not being a perfect daughter.

I just miss looking at you swaying with the beat of a rhythm.

I just miss you…

continued from الحكاية علامة شفاء الراوي


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