I was reading this post, and I found myself amazed on how dreams do come true! 🙂
It is exactly 5 years ago, and I visited London, Geneva, New York, Washington, Singapore, Phuket, Amman, Rome, Florence, Istanbul. AND lived in Albania, roaming some of its cities as well!


I received this interesting ad from a friend (thanks ET) 🙂 It may be an ad for a travel agency or something, but it really made me wonder where does my world ends?

where does your world ends

The physical borders of my world are kind of fixed. Let’s say Egypt (that’s my only homeland), or specifically Cairo (I haven’t lived in Alex, Sinai or the Upper Egypt 🙂 ), or more specifically some districts of Cairo (Giza, Maadi, Mohandessin). wow. How limited is my world ! I keep trying on expanding it either physically or virtually, here I am talking about visiting places, knowing people, seeing the world from different angles behind my viewfinder or just grabing a book (literature ba`a 3ala history 3ala travel,,,,,,). I am talking about the external borders, the internal borders of self discovery is a whole different issue 🙂 .

Let’s talk seriously. I discovered that “Discovering the World” is not just…

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