Tahrir Woman

Those bastards!!! How can they ever do that! Hate and Anger are so miniscule in front of what has been happening! So much blood, insanity, violence, and to top it we get to see this:

The image of the girl beaten up ferociously is tapped in my mind. Was it fun for you, you *#$%^& ? And thank for for getting back to cover the poor girl after beating her with batton and step on her with your filthy feet!

Every time I see one of you, I will remember this woman.

Every time your council comes on TV for some oops-we-‘re-sorry press conference, her screams will ring in my ears.

Rabena yente2m menko!!!

Here is a story from the old books to cheer you up:

عندما وقفت أسماء بنت أبي بكر ليلة الهجرة ترد بشجاعة على أبوجهل غضب ولطمها على وجهها، ثم خجل من نفسه فتركها وغادر المنزل وقال لمن معه: اكتموها عليَ لئلا تتحدث العرب أنا ضربنا النساء…

They exceeded the level of Abo Lahab himself!


After seeing the part of the Tahrir Woman herself, I got to notice ANOTHER horrific beating! Notice at second 59, there is a man and a woman wearing red pullover and red headscarf walking, then at 1:23 she’s standing in front of the man pointing at the girl, then at 1:39 there is an officer shooting with a gun towards the demonstrators, and at 1:43 they push her on the ground hitting her with their filthy boots! FILTH!!!!


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