crisis management vacancy

Crises are some of the most feared events in any person’s and any institution’s life. Then what do we say when it is faced by a whole country! Crisis after crisis after crisis! And it’s not like there were no detection signals. The smoke was blurring all visions, starting from the top level of government to the lowest worker. But they were ignored or mishandled till it blew in all of our faces.

And now what do we do? We didn’t get up yet from the stage of the perpetual crises that we currently live in. And the worst thing that day after day we find people dying for incomprehensible violence. And all participants say “it’s not our fault, they started it!”. I don’t care who started it, I care only on how to end it right now!

I’m sure there are “hidden hands” behind some of what’s happening. I’m sure that what has been said publicly or seen on TV or youtube are the whole truth. And most probably we’ll not learn the shape of the whole elephant in our lifetime. But the question remains. How to stop this bloodshed once and for all. How do we get up from this sorrowful situation and actually reach a real peaceful prosperous society, and not like the stereotypical speeches we heard for more than half a century!

One thing I know for sure is that the current mentality of handling the situation is dead wrong. Anyone pulling a gun against his brother should be severely punished, and be an example anyone mesmerized with the allure of power in his hands. Anyone inciting harm unto his brothers should be shunned away from the whole society. In order to survive this mess, the situation can not be left like that.

In terms of crisis management, we desperately need to start the containment and recovery stage. We need to clean out the puss, stitch the scattered wounds and vow not to go through this vicious cycle ever again. Our children don’t deserve to suffer from our mistakes.



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