Though books were potentially harmful, novels were all the more dangerous. The path of fiction could easily mislead you into the cosmos of stories where everything was fluid, quixotic, and as open to surprises as a moonless night in the desert. Before you knew it you could be so carried away that you could lose touch with reality -that stringent and solid truth from which no minority should ever veer too far from in order not to end up unguarded when the winds shifted and bad times arrived.

Elif Shafak – The Bastard of Istanbul  (the logic of a family who doesn’t approve that the daughter is a bookworm)

“الأدب الجيد قد يعلمنا الكثير عن الآخرين والحياة .. قد يمنحنا لحظات جميلة من الراحة بعيداً عن المشاكل ، وحين نفرغ منه نكون قد صرنا أفضل وصرنا أكثر استعدادا لمواجهة الواقع ”  – أحمد خالد توفيق
Is fiction important? isn’t just a waste of time?
Many times I felt so guilty reading all these novels. I sometimes felt I was wasting time, and instead of sitting there reading the imagintive world of some author, I should be reading something more beneficial, say political, scientific,  history books.
Lately I met these two different thoughts on the importance of fiction (one direct, one indirect). Both are reassuring (in their own way) that fiction is good.
Is it??
I understand that through fiction, the author can easily transmit his thoughts, analysis and message. This type of fiction I appreciate. But they are quite rare, and it all depends on the depth of the author’s analysis and his way of presentation.
Plus. fiction generally has a longer life span than non fiction. It records the thoughts of a nation and transmits it through generations, preserving and solidifying the communities values, and maybe even exporting the way of living.
still, isn’t fiction such a waste of time?

2 responses to “Fiction

  1. Never! It is never a waste of time.. on the contrary, we waste our time with so many other things instead of reading fiction and living in others’ worlds, seeing through their eyes, listening to their thoughts and feeling our hearts beat with the hearts of the heroes and heroines of the amazing stories we read. Never a waste of time. Never.

  2. 🙂
    Thanks Amira for the strong comment 🙂
    it is just sometimes I feel guilty reading too much fiction, it feels like watching movies all the time and neglecting the news 😉

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