Mama Nousha

Eleven weeks ago, God sent me the most beauiful gift, my sweet Dija.

I can’t describe how it feels hearing her first cry, touching her cheeks, or nursing her. Truely unbelievable! It took me quite some time to fully comprehend that she’s here, and I’m holding her in my arms, and the huge change in my life that follows, not even the 9 months of pregnancy, of reading, contemplation and imagination prepared me for it.

The first few weeks were extremely intense. With the erratic sleeping patterns and the recovery, along with being glued to the TV following what’s happening in Egypt and worrying about my family and friends. But week after week, things have started getting better. And with the improvement of the weather, I got to take her out more, and enjoy the fresh air, which is something that really raised my spirits.

Taking care of a baby was a total mystery to me. I am the youngest among my brothers and didn’t see closely how to “deal”with newborns. Soon, I discovered that the main tasks revolves around feeding, changing and cooping with the erratic sleep. Feeding her was ok for me, except for some nuisance s at the beginnings. Maybe I am more concerned with the 2 hours intervals as it doesn’t allow me to feel free or to go out with her, but I managed. 

The main thing I still suffer from is sleeping. I am  (or was) the kind of person who can’t function without deep 7 to 8 hours of sleep. So you can imagine how it feels like waking up every 2 hours, and sometimes sleeping only 4 or 5 interrupted hours. But elhamdlelah, things are definitely getting better bit by bit as everyone told me (I was starting losing hope), and now she sleeps 3 to 4 hours per night on average, followed by 1 hour of being half awake, then 1 or 2 hours of sleep. Which is not great, but definitely far better than the zombie episode I was living.

Till now we didn’t have the chance to go back home. Which is a bit painful for me, cause I really want to show her to my family and friends. Having a baby is a great opportunity for gatherings and I miss that tremendously. but on the other hand, being away from home compels me to take as much pictures of her as I can, to keep my family updated on her growth, which pushed me to officially become a mamarazzi, and I truely enjoy it.


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