Maadi versus New Maadi

I just read this article, and hoped someone would shed some light on this issue.

فى الوقت الذى تظاهر فيه بعض سكان حى المعادى ضد مشروع إنشاء القرية الذكية 2 فى حيهم الهادئ، أكد نشأت جلال، وكيل المجلس الشعبى المحلى لحى المعادى، أن المقر الجديد للقرية الذكية بشارع النصر، تابع لحى البساتين التابع بدوره لمحافظة القاهرة، وليس تابعا لحى المعادى التابع لمحافظة حلوان، وذلك ردا على تظاهر سكان حى المعادى المستائين من اختيار الموقع لهذا الغرض. وقال جلال إن شارع النصر بالمعادى يقع خارج الحدود الإدارية لمحافظة حلوان خاصة مدينة وحى المعادى تحديدا، موضحا أن شارع النصر يتبع دائرة قسم وحى البساتين حتى مسكن نركو المتجه إلى نفق الزهراء يسارا.

وكان عدد من سكان المعادى تظاهروا أمس الأول احتجاجا على بناء القرية الذكية 2 بالمعادى معربين عن استيائهم من اختيار الموقع للقرية، لأن هذا يعنى تكدسا مروريا وإصابته بشلل تام، فطبقا لما أعلن فسيوفر أكثر من 50 ألف فرصة عمل، وتم تحديده على مساحة 75 فدانا. ورفع المتظاهرون لافتات مكتوبا عليها «المعادى زحمة خلوا فى قلوبكم رحمة»، و«ابنوا مشروعات عادى بس سيبوا لينا المعادى»، و«يا حكومة يا رشيدة خليها فى القاهرة الجديدة».

First of all, as a former resident in El Nassr street I always thought that Maadi and New Maadi were parts of the same administrative unit, along with El Zahraa, Sakanat el Maadi, Sarayat El Maadi, due to their proximity. Only when I issued my ID, I was very surprised to know that New Maadi (where El Nasr st, and el Laselki st) was part of El Bassatein, which is a bit far from the rest of New Maadi (geographically, structurally, and socially), and from this article I am more surprised to know that New Maadi belongs to Cairo governorate, while Maadi belongs to Helwan!

I totally understand why the residents of Maadi are against the project, regardless of the comments of وكيل المجلس الشعبى المحلى لحى المعادى, because it is clearly visible that during the past few years traffic on the main roads have substantially increased, to the extent that in some conjunctions it feel like being Mohandessin! And unless the roads get wider, building a Smart Village 2 will not improve the situation…

walla eih?


2 responses to “Maadi versus New Maadi

  1. Well,
    I live in Zahraa El-Maadi myself. And I can tell you how crowded this formerly ghost-city has now become.
    I believe the government doesn’t has any kind of proper urban planning whatsoever, I still can’t understand how they could’ve built such a project right in the middle of a residential area that is becoming increasingly crowded day-by-day. I believe also that the possibility of foul play like everything in this country being involved with this project is not to be ruled out.
    By the way, I also invite you to see this series of blog posts about the destruction of Heliopolis:
    I believe now you’d agree with me that this govt. either doesn’t possibly have the slightest level of competency with urban planning, or that it’s so infested with corruption, or even both actually.

  2. As for the administrative devision. It’s quite funny that when you’re in the Egypt Telecom’s HQ in Laselki street, you’re being in Helwan. And the second you cross the street, you’ve then just made your way into Cairo 😛

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