Picasso in Tirana

Finally few days ago I started to take my bike for a ride and discover the other sides of Tirana. What really encouraged me was the sunny weather after days of rain, and knowing that there was a paintings exhibition featuring one of Picasso’s work.

So I took my bike, and headed first to the artificial lake, cause I went there only once. It was truly lovely.  Lots of trees, and nice weather, people walking and jogging. Noticeably, most of the people there were either moms pushing poussettes, or elderly couples walking side by side, plus some joggers.

Then I headed for the National Historical Museum, thinking that this is where the exhibition will be held, cause there was big signs there for the Italian Albanian cooperation event which supports the exhibition. But I found that the National Museum had a small gallery for the Italian cooperation thingie, featuring some old photographs by the Marubi family, plus others. I was very happy cause I am putting in mind to go all the way to Shkodra to visit the atelier of the Marubi family and maybe find the photo book I heard about.

Also, I took the opportunity to visit the museum itself for the first time. Even though it is strategically positioned in the exact center of the capital, and its huge facade encourages, I was literally the only visitor in the museum! I saw during my round exactly 6 employees (all women)! The souvenir shop is actually nice and has stuff different from the other shops in Tirana, good for a souvenir hunt if I didn’t have the time to go to Kruja.

The next day, I headed to the National Art Gallery to check out the exhibitions that was held as part of the Italian Albanian Cooperation festival under the slogan “Two Nations, One Sea, One Friendship”.  The artworks are part of the collection “Ca` La Ghironda” of an Italian art collector Dr. Francesco Martani.

They are actually 2 exihibtions, one titled “Classic Splendours” featuring works from the 16th and 7th century, of artists such as Francesco Raibolini, Guido Reni, Annibale Caracci and il Guercino. From a quick glimpse from their wikipedia pages, it is noticeable that all of them are from Bologna and their style is Baroque.

The second exhibition is titled “Moods of the 20th Century” and featured works by Francis Bacon, Pablo Picasso, Kazimir Malevich,, and others.

I am not an art connoisseur by all means, so my opinion here is just instinctive. Classics are really nice and talks to you, but the modern paintings are just too artistic to be digested! For me most of them were just “shakhabeet” of a 3 year old kid or water colours spills on plain papers! And even the Picasso painting I saw, was not by any mean inspiring!

I was especially intrigued by two paintings, one of them was just painted blue, that’s all! Not even different shades of blue, no, just one! The second painting was a yellow canva, with some diagonal cuts, and I was very surprised that my husband told me that it was actually very famous! For what??

Anyway, I didn’t show yet what I saw in the National Historical Museum, and the old photographs gallery, I guess it shall be in another post isa 🙂


2 responses to “Picasso in Tirana

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  2. I totally agree with you Nousha. Art is beauty, something you enjoy, something that evokes emotions within you and brings your soul to life.
    I got these feelings when I visited the National Museum in Canberra last month where the masterpieces from Paris’ Musee D’orsay came for a tour. These feelings surfaced when I looked at paintings by Van Gogh, Gauguin and Cezanne.
    Unlike you however we had to queue for hours in line extended for many kilometers just to go into the gallery.
    I feel today’s so called ‘art’ aims to shock its viewers. And like you I don’t understand what’s ‘artful’ or ‘skillful’ about it?
    Enjoy your stay in Italy. Looking forward to hearing about your next experience :))

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