Zucchini in the oven

a very recommended recipe for those who would like to add more vegetables on their menu. The source is aklaat.com. The below is the briefing of the recipe, for more details and exact ingredients, check out the website.

In brief, you cut the meat, tomatoes, onions, garlic into small cubes, and you cut the zucchini into small circles.

You marinate the meat with half of the onions and garlic portions, plus black pepper, salt, cardamon, arabic gum (mestekka), Bay Leaves (war` Laura).

Then you add the zucchini, and half of the tomatoes, and mix.

You put it in a plate suitable for the oven, and cover it with the rest of the tomatoes., and you add some cardamon, mestekka, war` Laura, and a bit of oil on the surface.

After half an hour in the oven, you add one cup of stock.

After another half an hour, in a small pan you put some garlic and fry them in a bit of oil till they get brown and add them on the surface. Leave it for another 10 minutes, et voila!


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