El Khan

Yesterday I went to Khan El Kahlili with my grandmother, something we’ve been talking about for a very long time but didn’t have the chance to do. It’s always nice to go there, if you want to see something that hasn’t been changed for decades, or perhaps centuries. These are the same buildings, those are the same people, only dressed slightly different. The same tea with mint, the same kabab. Everything.

However, the sweet is never complete (الحلو ما يكملش). I was on my nerves 70% of the time, thanks to those ******** who kept starring at me or throwing flirtatious words, with absolute no regard to me or my old grandmother. And even though I was concerned with my dress code, and kept it in mind to wear something long  and comfortable, but to no avail. More than once, I was dying to go to this ******* , grab him and maybe try kotegaeshi or iriminage, but didn’t want to make a scene.

Harassment is becoming a disease in our society which won’t  be redeemed.

2 responses to “El Khan

  1. yeah, sometimes i wish i could get some of my violent tendencies unleashed on those people!!

    but i usually get too disgusted by their remarks to the extent that my violent tendencies shrink!!!!!!

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