You Are Not Welcome Here

This is definitely not a typical sci-fi movie. It’s a movie that engages you in questioning the ideas instead of being mesmerized by the latest graphics technology. This is not to say that graphics were not on A level, they were, and at the exactly right portion for the normal viewer. The first thing that makes this movie special is that IT IS NOT A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE! YAY!

The director is Neill Blomkampm, born in South Africa and living in Canada, really did a great job in making you believe that this movie was REAL.

The story is about a spaceship that was hovering over Johannesburg, with a large number of sick aliens. They were allocated to camps, which were transformed by time into a slum refugee camp called District 9. After 20 years of troubles between the locals and their new neighbours, the government decides to evict them outside of the capital.

The movie starts as a semi-documentary, with some interiews on what happened during the eviction, especially to the one responsible for the eviction. Shit happens and he finds himself in a situation where he needs the aliens’ help, or else he’s finished. Tough situation.

I may seem biased for the movie, but I just loved it. I loved the camera movement, the soundtrack, the acting, the directing. Everything.

I even liked hearing an accent I’m not used to 🙂

I found some interesting Trivia on imdb, for example: “All the shacks -except only one- in District 9 were actual shacks that exists in a section of Johannesburg which were to be evacuated and the residents moved to better government housing, paralleling the events in the film. Also paralleling, the residents had not actually been moved out before filming began.” WOW! This must have been tough!!

Also check out the website, it’s so cool 🙂

And some quotes:

Automated MNU Instructional Voice: [in MNU Humvee] When dealing with aliens, try to be polite, but firm. And always remember that a smile is cheaper than a bullet.


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