3 years Blog,,,,,, almost

In a September night a long time ago I was sitting on a living room couch, and decided to start a blog. I didn’t what it is going to be about exactly, but I made up my mind and I registered my nickname since I was little as the wordpress link. nousha.wordpress.com . Three years… Wow, time really flies. So many things happened during these 3 years. So many friends I made, and some I lost. So many events I attended, others I missed. So many books I read, and many many others I intended to read. I changed jobs twice, I met the love of my life, I got engaged, I got married, I traveled to 6 countries, and finally settling in a foreign country for the very first time in my life.

Few years ago I felt that I was on the brink of a change, and that was exactly what happened, however the extent of that change was unimaginable at that time!

From time to time I question the nature of my blog. For a while I had the bug to blog about anything and everything, and I was happy to find a considerable number of followers who like to read what I am thinking about stuff. It was such an ego boost! Later on I moved into the phase of writing every now and then due to other commitments, then forgot about it altogether, then back again with bits and pieces every now and then. And I intend insha allah to maintain the flow.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my kaleidoscope. You won’t find here indepth analysis for anything, you may find pictures, stories about trivial things, quotes from books, or perhaps videos borrowed from youtube. I try to diversify the topics, as long as I have the time and the mood to add something.


One response to “3 years Blog,,,,,, almost

  1. September is such a beautiful month, isn’t it.. It always brings along fresh beginnings. I love your little pictures and stories and quotes and videos and reviews.. they show a simple, yet keen, attention to detail and they help us to look at so many beautiful things that we would otherwise overlook. Please keep writing 🙂

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