Trading the world!

“Ok, you can have France and Canada, but give me Luxembourg.”
“You’re kidding! You really want Luxembourg?”
“If it’s all right with you.”
“Well, give me Abyssinia for two Polands, and we could do a deal.”
“No, not Abyssinia. Take France and Canada for two Polands.”
“No way!”
“All right, then, give me back the India I gave you yesterday for Venezuela.”
“India? Here, it’s yours. What do I want with India anyway? To tell you the truth, I changed my mind about it last night.”
“Did you change your mind about Turkey too by any chance?”
“I sold Turkey already. Otherwise, I’d give it back to you.”
“In that case you don’t get the Germany I promied you yesterday. I’d rather tear it up.”
“Big deal. You think I care?”
We had been haggling for an hour, sitting in the middle of the street trading stamps. We were still arguing when Javer came by. He said, “Still carving up the world, I see.”

Chronicle in Stones – Ismail Kadare


4 responses to “Trading the world!

  1. Thanks guys 🙂

    Nerro, I found this book here in Tirana, Ismail kadare is their most famous writer. This is one of his important works, as he talks of his childhood in a small city in Albania. I hope I can remember to get u a copy when I go back to cairo for vacations.

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