Albanian Language

This language barrier is quite frustrating at times. Those fluent in Italian have a better chance in communication, because most of the people here know it as Italian TV was their secret entertainment channel in the old days of Enver Hoxha.

I try little by little learning Albania, but it’s kinda hard. My vocabulary so far is very limited. I only know how to say:

  • Thank you : Falemenderit
  • Good: Mire
  • Yes: Po
  • No: Jo
  • how much? : sa?
  • Pig: Derri (for restaurants)
  • Beef: vici

And some of the numbering: një, dy, tre, katër, pesë, gjashtë, shtatë, tetë, nëntë. Which is from 1 to 9.

Worth mentioning that they pronounce J as the Y in Year, so Jo is pronounced as Yo, this was confusing in the first few days, but now I got used to it somehow.


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