In Albania (part 2)

I hoped to write more extensively on my past 2 weeks here, but as I’m not yet settled, I’ll just talk about few things.

It’s summer time and it is so hot. Albanians are witnessing a change in their climate, I heard that in June they faced unexpectedly a 2 weeks of non stop raining and it was really cold, and now it is unexpectedly hot.

People generally go to the nearby coastal city (Durres), it’s only 40 km away and with the new highway, it takes less than an hour to go there.

Women are mostly very pretty, as they like to take care of themselves. They are mostly slim thanks to jogging around the lake and eating almost nothing compared to the Egyptians!  Summer dresses and short skirts are the official wear for women (young and old). It is cheerful seeing all these summer colours, but for me I’m not used to seeing this on the streets or at work places, especially I’m not used at all to the hot shorts that girls are so fond of. They wear it everywhere, even at the airport, the restaurants,,, etc!

On the other hand, I didn’t witness a single harrassment incident on the streets. There was only a one time when two guys in a car stopped in the middle of the street to check out a pretty girl crossing the road…

It’s amazing how the current generation was able to shift swiftly from the old communist era and the turbulent phase they passed through in the 1990’s! Oh they faced a lot, but that’s another post…


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