Cairo is suffocating me!

Throughout the past few years I congratulated myself on my capacity to deal with the daily nuisances by looking at the bright side of Cairo and its people, and what it offers for attractions and activities. But lately going to venues to attend concerts, exhibitions, screenings and that sort of activities became a burden, even when the event itself is REALLY interesting.


One hour to go anywhere, and one hour to return from anywhere, and that’s only an estimation, it may take longer in some cases.

I try very hard not to hibernate, and to push myself to get out of the house and enjoy it, yet if I did go to any venue, this means that the whole day is dead in terms of any other thing that I had in mind. Adding to that the fact that now I am responsible of a household, o this means I have to spend a considerable amount of time in maintaining it, and God it takes a lot of effort!

This leaves me with very few hours of rest 😦

On the other hand, for the first time in my life, I ENJOY the feeling of nesting 🙂

I am turning to be a better cook, not that I claim to reach the status of my husband, he is an artist in the kitchen. Sometimes I just stand there and watch him moving around the kitchen, trying this and that, combining the uncombined and creating some wonderful dishes. Delicioso!

Darb 17 18

It’s a new cultural center that recently opened its doors for the cultural and artistic enthusiasts in Egypt. I didn’t have the opportunity to visit it more often before, but lately I am keeping an eye on it as much as I can.

It’s location is eccentric, in the middle of el Fustat, very close to Amr Ibn El 3as mosque and Mar Girgis church.

I go there via kornich, I take the bridge that heads to masr el kadima, then I take a U turn, straight ahead, then left. The below map will give you a better view 🙂

The architecture of the place is genuine. It mixes traditional styles of Domes and modern techniques like the usage of glass roofs in some indoor areas. The entrance is very eccentric, on the left there is a huge drawing of a skull with an Arabic calligraphy of a Koran verse “قل هل يستوي ” الذين يعلمون والذين لا يعلمون” / “Are those who know and those who don’t know equal”, I liked the idea of the artwork, but I can not say that I liked seeing a huge skull on the entrance of a building…

Their mission is: “is to be a trampoline to advance the burgeoning contemporary art movement in Egypt . We do this while endeavoring to engage with various social and cultural groups in the Fustat community.” Pretty interesting!

Next Saturday, there will be the opening of a photography exhibition called “Nostalgia” by a Ethiopian/Canadian photographer Aida Muluneh, a sculptor exhibition called “The Self … The Land” by Egyptian artist Salah Botros, and a performance called “After Life” directed by Bridgette Loriaux. Definitely a must see!

أول مكرر – كتاب تعليمي ساخر

هيثم الدبور

I have recently read this book, and I gave it on goodreads website a 3 star. It discusses the catastrophe that is our educational system (school and university). At the beginning I thought that the writer is using the name Haitham el Dabour as a funny comment on the character played by Ahmed Mekki, then I was surprised to find that this was his real name! I can imagine all sort of incidents happening to the poor guy due to the popularity of this name!! poor guy!

The book is very light and funny, and it touches on many problems that we are facing in our educational system.

I’ve heard that El Sawy will turn it into a play…. I hope it will retain its flavor and not go bad…

You will like it if you were a fan of Shaklaha Bazet.


I still didn’t finish The Foutainhead, I’m in page 450, so I’m close to the final quarter of the novel! I thought that after finishing it I would read Atlas Shrugged by the same author, as per the recommendation of lecturer who gave us a workshop on negotiation skills, unfortunately I don’t recall her name, but I still remember her vibes. She was REALLY good, and that’s why I still remember her book recommendation even if this was almost a year ago!!


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