Furniture Shopping


What I like about Verinno is that they have a wide variety of classic and modern furniture. They have two shops in Maadi, one exihibiting mostly modern furniture (very close to Fudrucjers), and the other exihibiting mostly classic furniture (in Laselki st).
I bought jmore than one peice from them. But their delivery date is a bit unreliable.

Free Style

Located in Laselki st (the part close to degla), I was curious to see what they offer. They have good ideas, but they take a loooong time to deliver.


Owned and run by Orensa’s family (originally from Domiat), definitely Pinocchio ofers a new sense of artistic flavour to interior design. I love Amr Orensa’s photos, and I was happy to see that he put some of his photos for sale there. But frankly it’s a bit pricy.

China Treasure

I haven’t been to this shop yet, but from what I see in their website, it’s definitely on my list. It offers a wide variety of chinese products and furniture. I hope their prices would be reasonable. I would love to have a mini Peking feel to one of my rooms.

السوق البدوي

Located in Degla, this is a heaven for Bedouin style seekers. In the middle of the piles of Bedouin crafts you will definitely find treasures. Definitely more reasonable in prices than other Touristic shops.


This is also I shop I didn’t visit before, but I love the display of their work. The website is a bit not-user-friendly, but has some nice collection. I hope they would open a branch anywhere closer, Maryouteya is a bit too much of a hassle.

كنوز مغربية

Located above Metro market in Zamalek, this is totally worth a visit, even if you didn’t want morrocan style furniture. Even a carefully crafter candle holder, or fanoos will be absolutely worth the trip.


I liked its furniture, and frankly I was surprised to find a LaZboy set with such a reasonable price. Their accessories are also nice.

(to be continued)


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