Washington: The Spy Museum

In Washington, you will definitely have an over dose of museums. The National Mall alone has 17 different museums!! This one is a bit different. It’s not about art, it’s not about history or culture. It’s about a field that attracts the attention, because it always aim for secrecy…

Spy Museum

Spy Museum

The spy museum is dedicated solely to espionage, spy-related artifacts, tricks,,, etc. Their collection is huge! Most of them are of course replicas, and relates more to the first half of the 20th century (still it attracts lots of attention from kids and grown-ups) or stories about the history of espionage. There are also some practical tricks about cyphering that were very engaging.
What interested me the most in the museum, is a simulation of an operation. It is repeated every hour or something like that. You are in a group, and all of you are living the adventure of a case officer. You have a guide who gives you guidance and instructions (their acting was very funny!). The atmosphere of each room was skillfully managed to deliver the atmosphere of actually being on a mission.
Absolutely worth a visit.
For more info: www.spymuseum.org


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