Now let’s talk about Geneva.

First of all it is so damn expensive! In London you can have a decent meal (appetizer, meal, drinks) in a small retaurant for 14 Sterling (say 140 LE), while in Geneva two shawerma sandwiches will cost you 20 Francs (= 100 LE)!

Second, there are so many arabs and egyptian! If I shouted in Arabic, I know for sure that I will find at least 10 people understanding what I say. I don’t know if they are immigrants, or what, they are just numerous.

After getting used to the fast-paced Londoners, it was a bit hard for me to readjust to the slow motioned Genevoises. It is a totally different atmosphere. 3ala albohom marawe7 is the perfect description. Expect to stay 10 minutes at least to pay for something in the supermarket. But it’s cute in some way.

Lake Geneva is really nice. I quote someone describing it as being in Alexandria in the 80’s. Humidity is high. People are taking a walk. Kids playing around. I heard that there are 2 beaches but I didn’t have the chance to check them out.

Geneva is such a cycling friendly city, you rent the bicycle for free! Too bad I didn’t have the chance to do that.

I had the opportunity though to go for a guided walk throughout the old city. It was really nice, especially that Geneva is really small (only 15 km2!), I don’t have exact figures, but I think Maadi (with its extras) is a lot bigger. Pretty small, hein?


3 responses to “Geneva

  1. Well..I’ve been in both Cities: Geneva & London..
    but i can only agree on your 2nd comment (Arabs and Egyptians) about London…
    i do not recall seeing a single Arabic person in Geneva.. (though i know they do exist)

    strange HOW each person sees the same place 🙂

  2. Nice 😀

    enty shwa2teeny enny aroo7 bass mesh awy 3ashan el expensiveness.. 😀

    P.S: Pleeees blog more frequently! I really miss your posts :$

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