It’s London

A long time ago, I used to write a post every day, and sometimes a couple of posts as well. Then things changed and the frequency of writing changed a bit,,,, or a lot. Anyway,,, here is a post to break the ice that the long absence has caused 🙂

I had the chance to go to London for a week. It was AMAZING! I couldn’t imagine before that I will fall in love with this city. Even though I didn’t have the chance to see much of what it offers, I can tell you about bits and pieces of what I saw.

So, what would be the first and most important thing that an Egyptian would notice first when he goes to London?


For other nationalities, crossing the streets in London might be a concern because of the different direction of the car, but for me -as an Egyptian- this point in particular did not concern me as I am used to see in the streets of Cairo cars coming from all directions (as in el etegah el mo3akes), and parking everywhere (doesn’t matter whether it was the right or the left lane). But what astonished me is the idea of waiting for the lights and then passing nonchalant 🙂 Some of my friends tried to do it Egyptian-style, and they were almost run over because the Londoners wouldn’t imagine someone doing that, while here in Egypt if I were driving I wouldn’t look only at the cars, but I will also at the pedestrians walking in the street and those who are in the middle of the high way trying to cross.

The second thing that caught my attention is the transportation system and the number of cameras installed for supervision! It’s unbelievable! In some buses there are like 6 cameras installed everywhere, and there are also screens so you would notify the driver in case you saw anything suspicious!

Once we took the bus and we were a large group, so we were separated, but we started sending each other messages through the TV screens 🙂 it was hilarious! 10 minutes later the other passengers joined in and started playing too 🙂

The sale season in London is unbelievable! I thought that I will go to Oxford st once or twice bel keteerto get my shopping list and then feel free to tour London, but I was wrong, we spent hours and hours and hours going up and down this street, I think I went there every other day and there were still stuff I wanted to get but didn’t have the time to go… In London I discovered that my anti-shopping claims faded in front of the shopping bug.

Now let’s talk about books…. What can I say? It’s a books heaven. The stores are immense. But they are expensive. I liked that they have bookstores chains all over the city. This was in London. In Oxford this is a totally different story. I visited Oxford for a couple of hours only, but I hardly was able to drag myself in front of the superb bookstores in order to be on time with the rest of the group. Oxford,,,, it’s like a dream city for students. Even though I spent only a couple of hours but I noticed that the whole city was just the different academies, the dorms of the students, restaurants and cafes, and BOOKSTORES. That’s it! I would have loved comparing it to medinet el talababut I don’t feel like burning my nerves now.

That’s it for now, more to come soon insha allah 🙂


7 responses to “It’s London

  1. 7ammdellah 3assalama ya nousha!

    Long time no post fe3lan 😀

    Bass glad you had fun..London happens to be the “place i wanna be” I really enjoyed reading this post!

  2. I love London too, so glad you enjoyed it. I hope you had a chance to see the museums and parks and everything else, not just shopping and books. 🙂 7amdella 3al salama.

  3. Nousha,

    Sounds like great fun! London is actually on my “Places to live in for a few years” list. Welcome back! 🙂

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