Favorite Restaurants

1- Cantina La Redo: It’s in City Stars, the cinemas floor. I was not very excited about trying a restaurant in the noisy City Stars, but when I did try it, I simply loved it. You have to try the Guacamole salad.


2- Mermaid: at St# 9 in Maadi. A cosy place. small memue. Delicious food. Nice service

3- Luccille’s: bardo at st# 9 in Maadi. Very American food. Everyone agreed that it has the BEST breakfast in town. If you went on weekends or late evenings, expect to wait for 10-20 min before finding a table.

4- Peking: the one at Nassr St in Maadi. I didn’t like the other branches of Peking are not that good, but this one is EXCELLENT. very reasonable prices. very tasty food. nice ambiance.

5- Nile Lili: it’s a bit far. I think the area is called “Manial Shiha”, it’s on the st of the El Bahr el A3zam on the other side of the monibe. They have yaghts for rent…


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