Even though being in a relationship was one of the things I wasn’t expecting to happen lately, especially because I needed some time to settle down in my new career and to arrange my thoughts and look at my campus, I think that from my side and from his as well, this was the most appropriate moment for lightening to strike. After few months of going out, we decided to wear the rings in a small family gathering.

Elhamdlelah, everything is going smoothly. I hope that we will continue to provide each other comfort and happiness. (And him to provide me also with endless movies and books 😉 )

Elhamdlelah. I am happy.


8 responses to “Engaged!

  1. Alf Alf mabroooooook .. I am invited to the wedding .. sa7 ? :P:P

    Wish you a loooooong life of happiness & comfort 🙂

    & be easy on the guy with the books ..

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