The transfer of knowledge is a tricky business.
When I thought about it, I acquire knowledge by either talking and listening to people, watching movies, reading fiction and non-fiction. When I tried to analyze these things, I found that ALL of them are not reliable at all.
People generally talk about their opinion without knowing the different aspects of the issue, the author of fiction by definition has the right to change whatever he wants even if in some parts of his work it was very real, and then most of the non-fiction are not objective (take historians as an example).
This thought was a bit scary for me as now I have to re-consider all the things that affected me and contributed in building my ‘knowledge’, starting from Tintin, Disney movies to sophisticated books, and from now on I have to know about the writer beforehand, then try to evaluate the content and be aware of the little things that may affect his credibility.
I know that this is something that some do unconsciously, but for me the red light is triggered in major unbeleivable information, while in subtle possibly-incorrect-info it just takes it for granted. THIS NEEDS TO BE CHANGED.


One response to “Knowledge

  1. So true, it is always easier to question people’s opinions and ideas when they come from spoken words than when the same words are written. We tend to beleive that the written word has been checked and that it is true and fair. This probably dates back to school books because we were taught that they are unquestionable and factual. We’ve been conditioned to beleive that knowledge comming from older people too is true. I guess part of growing up/older is the ability to process information and deciding which is acceptable and which is not.

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