Today I bought brown shoes

Yes, that’s true 🙂 Today I bought brown shoes.

This might seem to be trivia for some people, but for me this is a big event. I am one of the unlucky girls who’s shoes size is 42 (plus or minus  1 depending on the design), and in all the stores around here the maximum size is 41. So baasically I don’t find my size at all. Now,,, what shall I do? What shall I do?? I can either walk barefoot (= not a very good idea in the streets of Cairo), or I should find a solution.

Solution #1: go shopping in a country where the women have big feet (I don’t know where exactly)
Solution #2: hit the men section and assume that it is a unisex desgin (duh!)
Solution #3: Go to some specialized big sizes shoes, namely: Clark’s (pretty expensive, starts from 400 LE), or Professor (very bad taste and very cheap)
Solution #4: especially tailored shoes (takes time, the results may not be perfect)
Soltuion #5: Online shoping (if you are into that, but how will it be shipped? and how much taxes will be paid??)
Solution #6: Bribe a friend to buy you a pair while s/he is travelling abroad

So to all those who complain about not finding a good pair shoes afer looking in 20 stores, just consider yourself lucky. That’s all that I can say…


5 responses to “Today I bought brown shoes

  1. My dear friend, My size is 46/47 .. I have the same problem.. I like to put it as “I choose the size not the shoes” .. anyhow, That’s one of the reasons I rarely buy shoes

    Congratulations 😀

    Miss Ya

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  3. I have a major size problem as well, but unfortunately its not with shoes… it is with clothes! :S

    On a different notes, one of my closest friends wears shoe size 43, I’ll check out where she shops for shoes!

    Oh.. and mabrook! 🙂

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