March 2008

Let’s see what’s on Cairo’s agenda:

Tuesday 4/3: Waguih Aziz @ Gomhoreya Theater @ 7:30 pm (for more info) the same day there is a book discussion in el sakiat @ 7, the title of the book is very ,,,, mm,, weird! “Never marry a woman with big feet“…. And as I am one of these unfortunate women, then I had to know what’s it all about!! Plus, the arabic translation is also,,,,, intriguing (إياك و الزواج من كبيرة القدمين ) !!! Then I found it talks about the perception about women across different cultures through proverbs, for example: A wife is like a blanket: cover yourself, it irritates you; cast it aside, you feel cold. (Ashanti, Ghana); The name of the father is the secret of the mother. (Creole, Jamaica); A woman who knows Latin will never find a husband nor come to a good end. (All over Europe) Wives and shoes are better when old. (Japanese)

And there is a concert for Ehaab Abdou “Ana Masry” in Howard theater (fel AUC) @ 7 pm

Wednesday 5/3: A talk about the newly published bloggeresses @ sakiat el sawy @ 7 pm.

Friday 7/3: Zorba Ballet @ Cairo Opera House (Main Hall) @ 8 pm. On the 7th and the 9th they will show one act from Zorba and from Bolero, and on the 10th and 11th they will show complete Ballet of Zorba, ana mesh fahma leih el ta`sim dah, bas ma 3aleina, Zorba ballet was one of the Opera’s hits.

Sunday 9/3: Persepolis @ CFCC el Mounira @ 8:30. AKHIRAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!! The long awaited comic book that was turned into a movie is now here in Cairo!!! At last!!!! grab the opportunity! I don’t think it will be on DVD’s shelves anytime soon in Egypt.

Friday 14/3: el Korba Carnival. I love how this Carnival was able to continue in providing a feeling of celebration to Heliopolis :). I confess that I am not a Heliopolitan, I don’t know much about Heliopolis, and can’t compare it to Maadi for example. But this carnival in particular makes me smile. The streets of Cairo can have fun too 🙂 (IT’S A RUMOR 😦 😦 😦 )

Another concert of “Ana Masry” @ el sakiat @ 8 pm

That’s it for now, more to be added soon 🙂


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