Orz Belaban Leshakhseen


I was soooooooooo excited when I laid my hands on the first edition of Rehab’s first published book “Orz Belaban Leshakhseen”, that included the stories she wrote on her blog Hadouta. Not only because she is truly a sweet, funny, energetic, friendly, enthusiastic, smiling girl. She is much more than that. She is one of the people who you’d meet in a social gathering, and even if you talk with her for only 15 minutes, you’ll leave smiling wishing her silently the best of luck and happiness. 🙂

You have to read “Orz Belaban Leshakhseen“. You will like it, especially if you like rice pudding 😉


When I returned from the Book Fair, I sat down and “ate” her book. It is so lovely. I gave it to my sister-in-law to read it, she finished it and went to el shorouk to get herself another copy!!

During the past few weeks I was pretty busy at work, with absolutely no net access, I checked my mail, my reader, and my facebook and I was VERY HAPPY to see my friend’s book listed as one of the fair’s best sellers!!!!

watch “el 3ashera massa`an”:

Read Ahmed Bahgat’s daily column:


And there are other links on Daily News and Masrawy and other blogs too 😀

Mabrouk Mabrouk Mabrouk 😀


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