my last post was written on the 24th of January!! almost one month ago!!! And it wasn’t a real post, it was just the lyrics of a song I liked…

how can I forget about my own blog?? I was proud with the fact that I write every single day (sometimes more than one post in a day), I think that this is due to an occasional writer’s block,,, but that’s not true,, I am not a real writer, and I have tons of things to talk about 🙂 this is my space of talking about whatever I want to talk about and I am always talking 🙂

Anyway, in order to compensate my long absence, I will try to do a crazy thing… I will try to write backward for every single day that I missed during the previous month, and possibly for the next couple of weeks. 🙂 Let’s test my capacity as a professional “raghaya” 🙂



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