Books on my list: The Road to Beershebaa

I found this book translated to Arabic (published by the collection Ketabi -my book- #56 and #57), and I was intrigued bu the title and the fact that it is written by an Irish woman: Ethel Mannin (1900-1985). I bought the book but I didn’t read it yet, and nevertheless I will try to look for the original version.

With some googling, I found NOTHING about the book itself, except for it was written in response to Leon Uris‘s popular and pro-Israeli novel Exodus.  As for the writer, I found some interesting stuff about her, check this: “Dig into the novels of Ethel Mannin & you will find anarchism, the Spanish Revolution, Emma Goldman, women’s lib., the colonial struggle, the Arab guerrillas, all dealt with: her factual works include Women & the Revolution & many others.”….

And this: Even Mannin’s nonfiction became controversial. E. F. Allen of the New York Times describes her book Forever Wandering as a “travel notebook of a British novelist, who takes for granted that the world is interested in her observations and reaction…Although [she] is opinionated to point of irritation, she is honest in her attitudes and exuberant in her style or writing.” Her first autobiographical work, Confessions and Impressions, was considered shocking at the time of its publication in 1930. The work, which included detailed accounts of extramarital affairs, caused an immediate scandal and earned her a reputation as an “angry woman.” ….

Definitely she has the look of an angry woman…


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