My Trip to the Book Fair

I know it’s a bit too late but I had to write my say about the book fair…

This year experience was pretty interesting. For the second time, as soon as I reach the entrance it HEAVILY rains! I considered for a minute to go back home but I changed my mind and decided to take a walk, and buy books till my bag becomes full.

I walked with my hands in my pockets, enjoying the rain, and the feeling of the deserted Book Fair. All the people were hiding inside the exhibition galleries, and the streets were deserted! Lovely! And the minute when the sun came out, all the people appeared out of no where, and that’s when I decided to get going.

The outlets of The Library of Alexandria was very interesting. They have a whole set of Makhtoutat and the cultural routes of Alexandria on CD. I also was happy to get a double deck cards set with historical info and photos related to Alexandria. They also have some of the books published by Cultnat.

I didn’t  buy lots of stuff. Mainly fiction and Political stuff.

I liked el Shorouk’s idea in publishing the works of bloggers (like Hadouta and 3ayza atgawez), very smart move.

that’s it for now, with more reviews to come.


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